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Trainer Gabriel

My thoughts on X/Y... among other things

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by , 29th September 2013 at 02:48 PM (440 Views)
Oh, look, I'm making another blog.

Since many other users have made blogs regarding X&Y over the past few months, I decided to finally join after a lengthy time drafting this blog. I know it might be a little late, but now that there are other major news events that have popped up, I can discuss it all in one fell swoop. Besides, it's never too late as long as the games still haven't been released. :P

First off, the Nintendo 2DS - I really don't have much to say about that. I had first heard about it in a blog entry on these forums and kind of seemed like a bizarre move on Nintendo's part to me. But I can see what they're going for with it now, so I guess I can respect their decision. I don't see myself buying one unless there eventually happen to be exclusive games for it that I would like to try out (as with all consoles).

And now for the big event: Pokémon X & Y. I basically just have to say... that I'm looking forward to it. Maybe that doesn't sound surprising, but... the more info I get about it, the more I'm liking what it has to offer. An actual main series Pokémon game in a 3-D graphics engine? Sounds good to me. But, overall, it's mainly the new features that got me excited for the new games. I know some people may still not be too fond of the idea of Mega Evolutions, but personally, I think they're an interesting way to spice up battles. I haven't been this excited for a new generation of games since Diamond and Pearl (which is to say about as excited as every previous generation of games). I enjoyed Black and White, too, and the sequels even if they somehow didn't quite meet the hype for me, but I just wasn't as anticipated for those games as all others. Perhaps it's due to both being a bit worn out by Pokémon at the time for some reason - as many of us experience at some point in our fandom lives - and not having too many notably new features outside of triple battles (or am I forgetting something else?). I may not be getting one of the games right away on the release date, however, nor have I yet decided which version I'll pick.

And, of course, I also look forward to the XY anime, especially after all the trailers. And, I assure you, it's not just because I was looking forward to the end of BW... or is it...? But, more importantly, I'm hoping that a new series will bring in more regulars back to the anime forums, just like there were before. I've found it to be a rather dull place to visit lately, and I'm hoping a fresh new series will bring back many of the former regulars to make it more lively - at least until the freshness of XY wears off. I've also been watching reruns the DP series and tie-in movies before XY starts. I only have Sinnoh League Victors, and the Zorua movie, left to watch. :D

Well, that's all I got for my longest blog to date. Signing off.

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