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Nuzlocke Challange:ANNOUNCMENT.

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Yea, sooo, you may have figured this, since i've not updated since january, but...there will be no more nuzlocke posts from me. at least not for a while.

Hey, i made it to victory road on two and all the way on one, you can't say it's lack of trying, i just got bored with it.

I may continue again with Heart Gold, but, i have White version and that has stemmed my boredom so i'm not sure.

So,as i set off to wherever the hell white's plot leads me, with Revolver the Oshawat in tow, i'll...yadda yadda big speech.

i will do a nuzlocke run when i get black, or when i figure out how to make videos in flash, witchever comes first.

oh, one last observational quip before i go, I think it's ironic that they decide to do a whole "Pokemon rights" story angle when they decide to take away the Pokemon following behind you mechanic.

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