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  1. Diomond:HARD MODE: Nuzlocke Challenge, Day 4.5 First death

    "YEA! RUN YA BOWL CUT BASTARDS!" Lt shouted at the two fleeing galactic grunts
    "Come on Jin, lets go smash some rocks and get to Eternia." "Yea, lets go!" Jin was eager to get to the gym

    A wild Zubat appears

    "GO! JIN!"
    "Ha, why do we fight such easy opponets?"
    Jin thought to himself. "Use low kick!"

    Low kick missed!
    Zubat used supersonic!
    Jin is confused ...

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  2. Diomond:HARD MODE: Nuzlocke Challenge, Day 4

    " Have you ever ground up a magikarp,so you could have a gyrados to eat everyone's faces with by like, the second gym?" ~Colesquid

    "I AM KING OF EVERY THING!" Lt stormed into Roark's gym riding a Gyrados.

    Current party
    Chad, Grotle (M) Lvl 20
    Opaque, Roselia (F) Lvl 20
    Blaz, Staravia, (F) Lvl 20
    Tager, Gyrados, (F) Lvl 22
    Jin, Machop, (M) Lvl 20
    Filler, Geodude, (M) Lvl 8

    "Well,that was ...
  3. Diomond:HARD MODE: Nuzlocke Challenge, Day 3

    Party: Chad the Turtwig
    Blaz the Starly


    Budew, Lvl 5 (F)
    Nickname: Opaque

    "Thanks man, i've allways wanted to go fishing!"
    Lt. thanked the nice man who gave him a fishing rod.

    "Welp, lets try our hand at this." Lt cast the line....and waited.....and waited....and waited.... A TUG!

    He pulled it up, and a magikarp floped onto the dock before him.

  4. Diomond:HARD MODE: Nuzlocke Challenge, Day 2

    "Yea yea yea, just give me my pokeballs allready,i'll figure it out myself!" Lt. was loosing patience with Dawn, she's wasted his time much to much, He wonders if Sarge, his rival, had to deal with this bitch too.

    Finaly she caught a biddoof, the stupidest looking pokemon Lt. had ever seen

    "Yea. lets get this going,Chad!" Lt.Said to his turtiwg. "Yes, we should strenghten our numbers. " Chad said seriously. "What...am i insane, did ...

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  5. Diomond:HARD MODE: Nuzlocke Challenge,Day 1

    'Welp, Beautiful day.
    Yessirrie, beautiful day.
    And today, Chad, is the day we start on our jounry to become the kings of the world." A boy was talking to a pokeball
    "Yeaaa, you do that, kid, and what was your name again?" Prof.Birch had a pokedex in hand, ready to hand to the kid.
    The kid put on a his leather jacket, and some sunglasses, went well with his gray camo pants. "My name is Fonz, but you can call me Lt." He let his pokemon out of ...
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