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  1. Ruby:HARD MODE:Nuzlocke Challange, Final battle

    Lt stepped into the champion's chamber

    Steven Stone sat in the middle, in a magnificent throne. The champion's throne.

    "Steven." Lt said
    " LT." Steven responed "Ive been watching you. I saw when you beat the gyms. I saw when you beat magma."
    Lt gave an odd look. "Ok. One. you are a stalker. Two. If you saw me beat magma, your the champion, I'm a gym leader. Ok now. WHY DIDN'T YOU FIGHT THEM!?"

    "Becuase, ...
  2. Ruby:HARD MODE:Nuzlocke Challange, Day 15

    "HA! So, this be the Lt. Everyone speaks about?" Drake greeted him as he walked through the door.

    "Yea, thats me." "I owe you a great debt!"

    Lt's mind turned to money, he thought of a solid gold jacket, a new gym, rare pokemon.
    "Put her there!" Drake offered a handshake.

    "-_-" "...did you just speak an emote?..nevermind. Anyway, your the one that did away with old team magma! Ha Ha! finaly ...
  3. Ruby:HARD MODE:Nuzlocke Challange, Day 14

    Flynt looked a Pheobe's dusklops.

    a smile slowly crossed her lips.

    Lt broke her concentration
    "What is it?!"
    "do you think you can eat ghosts?"
    The smile reapeared
    "Lets find out..."

    Flynt used Crunch!
    It's Super Effective!

    Lt walked up to Glacia.

    "Why do i have to fight?"
    Vince Complained.
    "Because,this ...
  4. Ruby:HARD MODE, Nuzlocke Challange, Day 14

    Current team
    Kenny the Electrode (?) Lvl 53
    Flynt the Mightyena (F) Lvl 50
    Vince the Ninetails (M) Lvl 50
    Hoff the Azumarril (F) Lvl 50
    Kupo the Aggron (M) Lvl 50
    Worm the ????????? (M) Lvl 50

    Waffo pleaded, Lt was gonna put her in the box.
    "Sorry, but, i don't need to fly anywhere, besides. i've got a secret weapon. WORM!" Lt shouted to one of his pokemon. The pokemon saluted ...

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  5. Ruby: Hard Mode: Nuzlocke Challange, Day Filler.

    Lt's pokemon wanderd around the "city" Evergrande, where was Lt?

    Somewhere in Canada.....

    "DAMMIT! Fix the window, stop shooting the crawler, and for the love of god, could someone help watch the stairs, eh?"

    "Hehe, Eh, what are you, Canadian?"
    "YES I AM!"
    "Oh! Do they realy love hocky there?"

    "Yea, eh, we love it up here, and, i'd be glad to tell ya more about it, but ...
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