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Heart Gold. HARD MODE. Nuzlocke Challange. Day 5

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, 7th October 2010 at 08:42 PM (327 Views)
Morty leaned against the outside wall of his gym.
a sceintist ran up to him. "Morty, come on- Esuine. You better have a damn good reason for inturrupting my break."

"Morty. They've come."
Morty smiled. He knew they would have eventualy.

"HEY LADY!" A TR grunt shouted at a dancing Kimono Girl. " How bout some GOOD dancing!?"

"Sir, your disturbing the others." A man tried to calm him down. "HAHA! Yea, i know, this crap is disturbing! I'll show her how it's done for ya!"
He climed onto the stage and proceded to make a compleate idiot of himself in a drunken dance.

Lt started clapping.
"See, that guy likes it!"
"I'd like it even more if it had some music."

Koon used Uproar!

The grunt scrampled off the stage, clenching his ears in pain.

Lt kicked the wall of the burned tower.
it caved in, Lt walked in.
"You know that the door is....right over there." Spence ponted out the large brass door with a shocked old man near it.
"....so?" ".....sigh."
"But i've allways wanted to do that! Like in the action movies." Esuine ran up to LT.
"STOP!This place is for sceintific inquriy only! Mr.Morty has-hold on there, Esuine." Morty broke in. "Let him go on. Nothing will happen anyway. They came here for me." Morty smirked and Lt walked by.

Lt looked down a gaping hole in the floor and saw what was there. He flinched and stepped back.
"Legends..." He wispered.
He went into a daze, thinking of his encounter with Groudon.

"Boss!What's down there I can't see!" Bird, his new Eevee snapped him out of it. "Nothing. lets get down there."
He ran to the ladder .


An explosion sent LT Fying back, he barely caught himself on the edge of the hole.

"Koffing! Koffing buddy! Say something!"
The grunt that harrased the kimono girl kneeled crying over his Koffing.
"Get over it, if you wanted to keep your pokemon, you shouln't have failed your mission."
Silver walked out of the dust, he helped Lt. up.

"Dam, your getting even more cruel than your old man."
"Whatever, failure shoulndn't be exused. I assume your here for them?" He pointed to the legendarys.
"Here to destroy them." "I'm here to take them. This would have been eaiser if you hadn't broken up our slowpoke tail plan, but, the old fashioned way is just as good."

"Well. you shouldn't have helped me up. Spence!" Lt called her over. "Lets battle."

Go! Spence
Go! Gastley

Spence used ember
Gastley fainted!

"Still have that old thing? It's so worthless, i'm surprised that it's not dead yet."
"SHUT UP! None of my pokemon are worthless, yours are."
"Nice comeback, boss." Spence snarked.
"Do you want me to defend you?"

"Shut up! I don't care what it is, it's dead now."

Go! Crockanaw!

"Frank." "Spence, is it now? I'm saving you for last." Frank snarled.

Return! Go, Leg!
"Ha ha! is that the best you have? A beedrill, why is that-Crockanaw!"
Leg used U-Turn.
"Because were a team." Leg stabbed Frank in the shoulder, He shuddered from the poison in the tip.
"I'm not the best here. not by a longshot. But she is."
Frank regained his composure and tried to bite Leg. Tuchanka jumped in the way and caught his teeth on her arm.
"AAUG! YOU TASTE HORRIBLE!" Frank reared back and spat.

Tuchanka used Double Kick

Tuchanka grabbed him and kicked kneed him in the face. Then with her free leg, knocked him aside with a blow to the face.

Hit once.

She ran at him, he was staggering to get up, he braced himself.
She kicked him square in the chest. Blood came out of his mouth as the breath was knocked strait out of him.

He fell to the ground.

she began to walk back to Lt. "Were the hell do you think your going?" Frank tried to push himself up. "I CAN STILL FIGHT. COME BACK HERE, I'LL-..I'LL" he coughed, more blood. "I'll make you...I'll.....Get back here."
He couldn't push him self up, he crawled after her.
"it's over,Crockanaw." Silver came to him. "Get back in your ball."

"Frank...What happend to you." Spence looked at him in saddness.
"I can win! Silver, you coward! Let. me FIGHT!" Silver returned him to his ball.
He walked away.
Lt looked back down the hole. only one was left down there, Suicune. Suicune stared back up at him, then ran.

"YOU IDIOT" Morty puched Lt. in the face, knocking him over.
"I have waited my entire life for those pokemon, and you scared them away!"

"Not my fault my battles are awsome enough to scare legends away."
"...Excuse me. I am LUITENET MOTHER-FUCKING SURGE. Gym leader of Vermillion city, Kanto. I am 6 ft tall and i am a badass."

"Ok, we settle this. meet me in my gym."

Current team
Tuchanka the Nidoran (F) Lvl 26
Spence the Quilava (F) Lvl 26
Koon the Noctowl (F) Lvl 26
Leg the Beedril (M) Lvl 23
Joker the Polywag (M) Lvl 20
Bird the Evvee (M) Lvl 18

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    I feel accompleshed. i actualy have a story this time instead of just me fighting battles with a snarky attitude.

    not sure if it's better or worse, but i like it.

    also, crack-pot theory time!
    i assume now, that they were selling the slowpoke tails to buy masterballs off of the black market, and use them to catch the legends that had recently arived at the burned tower, that's why that grunt was there, he was supposed to be seeing if they were there/catching them.
    What better way to get their boss back, who left because a kid stopped his plan to catch the legend he created, than to Catch 3 legends?
    Updated 8th October 2010 at 11:11 PM by Lt.


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