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Heart Gold:HARD MODE,Nuzlocke Challage:Day 9

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(author's note, i switched to telling it in fist person, it is easier for me, so, read it as if Lt is a narrator. Tell me what you think. Or else.)

Over the last week, we single handedly crushed team rocket. Because we're awesome.

"Goodbye Pryce, i hate you and your gym!"

Pryce is an ass, I'm glad we're through that hell hole.
I step out of the gym, i hope he's crying behind me.
"Why do you hate him so much?" Koon asks me.

"I don't hate him, who said i did."

I hate him, i wish he would fall though his own ice floor and break his neck.

"You want him to fall though the floor and break his neck." "Since when were you a mind reader?!"

"Since lvl 30."
....lvl 30...that was...i remember this.

"It was Chuck's gym." Koon cuts me off in my mind?! I wonder whats on the radio.

"This is Team Rocket! We've taken over the radio tower, Boss, come back!"

I look at Koon. "We should probably go check this out." "YA think?"
"Shut up, use fly.

There's one guard in front of the stairs, easy.

"Hey! You, get out of here! Unless your one of our new recruits, then there are uniforms available in the underground area!" ......Sigh.

I whip out a badge. "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO?!" He's still trying to look tough, I step closer to show off my height.

"I..um...you..." He looks at the badge.

"...This says that you're in the Poke' Mart preferred- USE FOCUS PUNCH!"

I step to the side and Joker, who just evolved into a poliwraith, knocks the guard out.

Spence follows behind me.
"Hmm, i assumed you were gonna flaunt your admin-ship on him."
"No, they- flamethrower "Spence fries a gaurd
"No, they made me return my badge when we disbanded."
"So what are the benefits of the preferred club?"

I was about the answer, but i hear someone talking.

"People of Johto, Team Rocket is our freind, infact, i think they deserve a gift!"

The owner of the radio tower is talking into a mic.

"Hello, Petrel."
He looks up and slowly sees me.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! How do you know it's me!?"

I take the hat off his head. "This is the same hat that "Giovonni" wore."

I am suave as hell! "SHUT UP! Go! GO ALL OF YOU, USE SELFDESTRUCT!"

WHat idiot uses 5 coughing and a wheezing!?! What idiot makes them ALL explode?!


I'm falling. Oh crap.

Wait...i landed on something.

"Get. Off. Me." Oh, i landed on Silver. How nice.

Current team.
Spence the Tyohlosin (F) Lvl 37
Bird the Jolteon (M) Lvl 36
Tuchanka the Nidoqueen (F) Lvl 35
Koon the Noctowl (F) Lvl 34
Joker the Poliwraith(M) Lvl 34
Brig the Heracross (M) Lvl 34

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  1. Lt.'s Avatar
    Hey look. i updated.

    Side note, Ninetails got drought as a dream world abillity. This may be one of the worst things to happen to me ever. that is all.


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