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Heart Gold:HARD MODE,Nuzlocke Challage:Day 6

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Lt walked away from Morty, who was crying behind him.

"I'll get you for this!"
Koon turned her head around, and just stared at him.

Lt high-fived (er, winged, whatever) Koon, and they went on their way.

"GO! Joker!" Lt's Polywhirl came out and jumped into the sea.
"Boss! Thank you, i love the wa-AUG!"
LT jumped on him
"*gasp* Bu-*gasp* I can *Gasp* Breath water!"

Lt walked into Chuck's gym. His wife ran up to him.
"Be wary of him, i think the waterfall might have made him hurt his head a bit."
Lt looked, and Chuck was lying face down, letting the water smack him into the floor.
"This man's insane." Spence commented

LT found a Valve next to Chuck, turned it.
The water stopped, Chuck slowly got up.

"Hi, I assume your the-AGU" Chuck smashed Lt into the wall, "What the hell is your- oh my god"
Chuck tried to punch him in the face, Lt dodge, Chuck's fist went strait into the wall.
"AWGWASLALALA" Chuck shouted in pain.
LT ran.
Chuck looked at the wall he just punched, a crack was forming, he reached in and pryed off a chunk, he thew it at Lt.

LT got hit and went sprawling, Chuck went up and grabbed him.

"Please! Please don't kill me, i'm just a Trainer!"
Chuck looked at him with bloodshot eyes.
"Hi, I'm Chuck, wanna battle?"


"GO! Koon!"
"The fighting type gym? Easy, predictable fighting type, he's going to spam double team and try to use focus punch." Koon said.
"Yea, i think their stratagy isn't going to be anything like that."
Koon pointed a wing at the Primape Chuck sent out, there were 5 of them, all pulling back their fists in focus.

"....shut up. Use confusion."

Koon used confusion! Primape fainted.

"Clever bird. But that's no match for what i have in store next."
GO! Polywraith!

"More? You think that is going to wo-I'll take this one!"
A Jolteon jumped on Koon's head, into the battlefeild.

"Listen up!"

The polywaith pulled back it's fist, he'd stomp this showboating evveeloution in one shot.

"You may have heard of me, Because when they speak of Team Lt's New pokemon, a Mon of indomitable spirit and determination, There talkin about me!"

Bird raised his paw to the sky.

Bird used thunder!
Bird ran at the Polywraith, and jumped over it's head, just before a massive bolt came out of nowhere,it hit the Polywraith strait on it's fist

"Bird the Joleteon!"

The polywraith fell to the ground, defeated.

Current team
Bird the Jolteon (M)Lvl 30
Koon the Noctowl (F)Lvl 30
Spence the Quilava (F)Lvl 28
Tuchanka the Nidoran (F)Lvl 28
Joker the Polywhirl(M)Lvl 25
Leg the Beedrill (M)Lvl 22

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  1. Lt.'s Avatar
    Good news bad news

    Good news is, I watched all of Gurren Lagann last week,If youve ever seen it, you can tell where i got Bird's personality

    Bad news is, my DS broke over the weekend. But, before it broke, i got all the way up to clair's gym, so theres about 4 more updates before i have to get a new one.


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