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  1. Nuzlocke Challange:ANNOUNCMENT.

    Yea, sooo, you may have figured this, since i've not updated since january, but...there will be no more nuzlocke posts from me. at least not for a while.

    Hey, i made it to victory road on two and all the way on one, you can't say it's lack of trying, i just got bored with it.

    I may continue again with Heart Gold, but, i have White version and that has stemmed my boredom so i'm not sure.

    So,as i set off to wherever the hell white's plot leads me, with ...

    Updated 7th March 2011 at 09:26 PM by Lt.

  2. Heart Gold:HARD MODE,Nuzlocke Challage:Day 9

    (author's note, i switched to telling it in fist person, it is easier for me, so, read it as if Lt is a narrator. Tell me what you think. Or else.)

    Over the last week, we single handedly crushed team rocket. Because we're awesome.

    "Goodbye Pryce, i hate you and your gym!"

    Pryce is an ass, I'm glad we're through that hell hole.
    I step out of the gym, i hope he's crying behind me.
    "Why do you hate him so much?" ...
  3. Heart Gold:HARD MODE,Nuzlocke Challage:Day 8

    Lightning lit the night at a distance.

    Lt clung to Joker, shambling though the lake of rage.

    "Boss, don't wanna pry, but why exatly are we chasing rare pokemon?" Joker questioned.

    "Well it's simple, If i- SHHINK" Bird released himself and climbed onto Lt.
    "Because, if we seek out the strongest, and beat them, then we're stronger than the strongest! Simple math!"

    "...there are some problems with ...

    Updated 7th December 2010 at 11:18 PM by Lt.

  4. Heart Gold:HARD MODE,Nuzlocke Challage:Day 7

    A man was racing along the coastline.
    "GET HIM! HE TOOK SOME STUFF THAT WAS OURS. OR SOMETHING!" three otheres were chasing him.

    just then. a giant came and kicked them, then there was an explosion.

    "Ricky! why do you always have to mess up our game." three kids were playing with toys. and then there was an explosion.

    Fire ploomed (woo, go thesaurus!) out of the top of the lighthouse.

  5. Heart Gold:HARD MODE,Nuzlocke Challage:Day 6

    Lt walked away from Morty, who was crying behind him.

    "I'll get you for this!"
    Koon turned her head around, and just stared at him.

    Lt high-fived (er, winged, whatever) Koon, and they went on their way.

    "GO! Joker!" Lt's Polywhirl came out and jumped into the sea.
    "Boss! Thank you, i love the wa-AUG!"
    LT jumped on him ...
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