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Pokémon Anniversary Version

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So the 20th anniversary is coming in two years. Maybe Nintendo will do something to celebrate.

So here's Pokémon Anniversary Version. The boxart shows Pikachu in front of a golden background.

It takes place 20 years after Red and Blue. You travel the world to collect badges and Pokémon. What region? All of them!

You start in Pallet Town in Kanto. You just moved into Red's old house. You meet Professor Blue Oak. Yep, Blue! He has taken his grandfather's job as a Professor. He then let's you choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. After that, he gives you a Pokédex and five Poké Balls. Your sibling (your sister Tina if playing as a boy, or your brother Sean if playing as a boy) chooses the starter with the type advantage and battles you.

After that, Blue takes you to Route 1 and teaches you how to catch a Rattata.

You then travel around Kanto fighting Gym Leaders: Rocky old Brock of Pewter City for the Boulder Badge, Misty's Water types of Cerulean for the Cascade Badge, the eyepatched electric war veteran Lt. Surge in Vermillion for the Thunder Badge, grassy Erika of Celadon for the Rainbow Badge, Sabrina the Psychic old witch of Saffron for the Marsh Badge, Janine the expert poison ninja of Fuschia for the Soul Badge, Blaise the hot-headed son of Blaine in the rebuilt Cinnabar for the Volcano Badge, and Terrence the new Ground-type leader of Viridian for the Earth Badge.

After collecting eight badges, you go to the Indigo Plateau to challenge the Elite Four After defeating the Kanto Elite Four, you go home and Blue will upgrade your Pokédex to include Johto Pokémon. He then sends you to Johto. It's the same path to Johto from GSCHGSS. However, the guard won't let you on Route 27 unless your Pokémon are under level ten.

You arrive in New Bark Town and Professor Elm gives you either Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile. As you obtain Johto badges, higher leveled Pokémon from will be permitted. The Zephr Badge from Flying expert Falkner of Violet allows you to bring Pokémon from level 20 and under. Hive badge from bug catcher Bugsy of Azalea allows level 30. Normal Whitney's Goldenrod Plain Badge permits level 40. Ghostly Morty's Fog Badge from Ecruteak would let level 50 Pokémon in Johto. The white-haired fighter Chuck's Storm Badge in Cianwood unlocks level 60. Jasmine's steel Mineral Badge in Olivine for level 70. Candice's icy Glacier Badge in Mahogany allows level 80. Yep, Candice moved from Sinnoh. Someone's gotta replace Pryce in his old age. Dragon Master Clair's Rising Badge of Blackthorn allows all Pokémon. Once you got your 16th Badge, you go through a brand new path from Blackthorn to Mt. Silver called Route 49. At Mt. Silver, you challenge a new Elite Four. After that, you return home to get a ticket to Slateport and a Hoenn expansion in your Pokédex.

You board the ship in Vermillon after making sure your Pokémon are under level ten. Once there, Professor May Birch will meet you. Yep, May! She has become a professor. You will follow her to Route 103 where she lets you hop on her Wailmer. You then follow her to the lab in Littleroot where she will give you a choice of Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip.

You then head to the first gym in Rustboro and fight Roxanne, who now wears glasses and only uses a Nosepass. Her Stone Badge let you bring Pokémon from Johto or Kanto under level 20. Surf to Dewford and face the Fighting surfer Brawly for the Knuckle Badge that allows level 30 Pokémon to fight in Hoenn. Head to Mauville and fight Wattson's son Max's electric Pokémon to unlock level 40 with the Dynamo Badge. Confront the hot chick Flannery in Lavaridge for the Heat Badge of level 50. Brendan replaces his father as the Petalburg Gym Leader and uses his Normal types and gives his level 60 granting Balance Badge. He doesn't accept trainers with less than five badges. Head to Fortree and challenge the Flyer Winona for the level 70 Feather Badge. Challenge the Psychic Twins Tate & Liza at Mossdeep for the Mind Badge that grants use of level 80 Pokémon. Swim to Sootopolis and challenge the Water Master Juan for the Rain Badge that let's you use any Pokémon in Hoenn.

With your 24 badges, challenge the Elite Four and the Champion Steven in Ever Grande. After that, you'll end up back in Pallet Town. Blue upgrades you Pokédex to add slots for Sinnoh Pokémon. After that, he gives you a ticket to Canalave City and you board the ship in Vermillon with Pokémon under level 10.

You meet Professor Dawn. Yep, Dawn is a professor! She takes you to her lab in Sandgem Town where you choose between Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.

You challenge the Roark's Rock Pokémon in the Orebourg Gym for the Coal Badge that let's Level 20 Pokémon in Sinnoh. Defeat the Eterna Plant lover Gardenia for the level 30 Forest Badge. Pummel the fighter Maylene in Veilstone for the level 40 Cobble Badge. Defeat the ghost of Fantina in Hearthome for the level 50 Relic Badge. Match the water wrestler Crasher Wake for the level 60 Fen Badge. The now-leader Riley and his steel types would have to be defeated for the Mine Badge and level 70. The snowboarder Clarrissa in Snowpoint for the Icicle Badge. The electrifying Volkner and his Beacon Badge.

With 32 Badges, challenge the Sinnoh Elite Four. The game then resets you in Pallet Town. Blue updates your Pokédex with more slots for Unova. He gives you a ticket to hop on the boat from Vermillon to Castelia.

Once there, you meet Bianca who is now the new Professor. You follow her to her lab in Nuvema Town. There, she let's you pick between Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. You go back to Castelia and take a boat to Virbrink and walk to Aspertia to challenge old Cheren for the Basic Badge and the right to use level 20 Pokémon. You go back to Virbrink and challenge the poisonous pop star Roxie for the Toxic Badge and your old level 30 Pokémon. Defeat Burgh in Castelia Gym for the Insect Badge. Head to Nimbasa and challenge the electric fashion designer Elesa for the Bolt Badge and the ability to use level 40 Pokémon. Defeat Clay's cowgirl daughter Tara and her ground-types for the level 50 Quake Badge in Driftveil. Defeat the flying pilot Skyla of Mistralton for the level 60 jet badge. Defeat Marlon and his water types for the Wave Badge in Humilau to use level 80 Pokémon. Defeat Iris' Dragon Pokémon to use all your Pokémon in Unova.

With fourty badges, challenge the Elite Four. Once you're back in Pallet Town, Blue will give you a ticket and upgrade your Pokédex to the full National Pokédex.

Head to Vermilion to board a boat to Castelia. Head to Mistralton and fly a plane to Lumiose City. There you will meet Professor Sycamore who let's you choose between Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. You go to Santalune City and challenge the bug photographer Viola for the Bug Badge and the right to use level 20 Pokémon. Head to Cyllage to challenge the rock climber Grant for the level 30 Cliff Badge. Challenge the fighting rollerskater Korrina in for the Rumble Badge of level 40. Defeat Ramos' gardening daughter Rika in Courmarine for the Plant Badge permitting level 50. Fight an adult Bonnie and her electric types back in Lumiose for the Voltage Badge of 60. Defeat the immortal fairy Valerie in Laverre City for the Fairy Badge that allows level 70 in Kalos. Challenge the Psychic Olympia for the Psychic Badge to have level 80 anywhere. Fight the final Leader Wulfric and his ice types for the Iceberg Badge, allowing you to use any Pokémon anytime anywhere.

With all 48 Badges in hand, you challenge the Elite Four. After that, you just travel the world to catch all 719 Pokémon.

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Updated 12th June 2014 at 01:08 PM by SeanWheeler

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  1. Shadao's Avatar
    Gary? Isn't that the anime version of Blue (or Green in Japan)? Why is he called Gary when Red isn't called Ash? Why not Blue?
  2. Groudon's Avatar
    This blog clearly exemplifies why a Pokemon game with all 6 regions would not be viable. First of all, how long do you think someone would stay interested in a possibly 40+ hour game that is repetitive in structure? Do you think a 3DS game can handle the amount of data required for 6 regions? Wouldn't it be more efficient to remake each game individually as collectively, they would earn more profit? I personally would feel ripped off if I couldn't be able to access my previous Pokemon until a receive a certain badge.
    The most likely 20th anniversary Pokemon games would be remakes of Fire Red and Leaf Green.
  3. SeanWheeler's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadao
    Gary? Isn't that the anime version of Blue (or Green in Japan)? Why is he called Gary when Red isn't called Ash? Why not Blue?
    Whoops, slip of the tongue. How could I forget that he's Blue in the game canon? Anyway, changing all instances of "Gary" to "Blue".


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