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NPC Playthrough

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I had an idea for my next play-through of Platinum, and was wondering if you guys had any input. It's sort-of Nuzlockey?

As you all know, Pokemon games are not very difficult, partly because one can use only good Pokemon and spam Full Restores to steamroll the opposition. So how about leveling the playing field? Using cues from the games and my memories of the anime from ten years ago, I plan on following these rules for the listed reasons:

1. Nicknames are optional. No trainers in the games name their Pokemon, but I still will.
2. No items during battle unless your opponent uses them too. In this case, items are restricted to a 1:1 usage ratio.
3. Can only catch the first Pokemon you see per route, then trade it out for an egg (I've collected a number of mystery eggs for this purpose). Ace Trainers use all kinds of weird stuff, so why should I be stuck with Bidoof? Only one-per-route because said Ace Trainers don't always have a full party, so I guess they don't load up on Ultra Balls and catch everything in sight. Since I'm using Mystery Eggs, there's a chance I'll hatch a badass Teddiursa or something. That's fine; Ash's Pikachu knows Volt Tackle.
4. Pokemon that faint are considered dead. The Pokemon Tower indicates that Pokemon do indeed die, and getting body slammed by a whale seems like a likely cause.
5. 'Set' battle style. NPCs don't get to switch Pokemon after they kill one of mine, so why should I get to switch after killing theirs?
6. Items outside of battle are okay. Nobody else is running around with half-dead Pokemon.
7. Can only purchase a total of five items per town. This includes things from the Game Corner. Restrictive, but not unnecessarily so. I still want the game to be fun.
8. If I hatch an egg but already posses two Pokemon of that species, I may release it and try again. Sure, Bug Catchers are happy to use five Weedle, but this rule is mostly because I don't know what's in the eggs and some joker may have traded me six Pachirisu on purpose.
9. White-out is Game Over. If all my Pokemon died because I was a crappy trainer, I'd retire from Pokemoning and start loitering around gyms, handing out advice to any passing trainers.

So yeah, seems enjoyable. Is there anything I missed? Can you think of something cooler to call it?

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NPC Playthrough


  1. Garren's Avatar
    Well, another thing to do would (and this would require a strategy guide or use of Serebii/Bulbapedia) be to limit yourself to the same amount of Pokemon each fight as your opponent...that'd require a bit of back and forth though, so you'll probably just want to apply that rule for the Gym Leader.

    Also, do normal trainers use Pokemon with TM moves? I don't recall, but that would be interesting if you limited yourself to natural moves only bar HMs.
    Updated 22nd August 2010 at 08:28 PM by Garren
  2. Phoenicks's Avatar
    Lots of trainers only have one pokemon. :P

    Rather, you should restrict how quickly you add your Pokemon. Most trainers don't even have 5 Pokemon until right before the E4.
  3. Melty's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenicks
    Lots of trainers only have one pokemon. :P

    Rather, you should restrict how quickly you add your Pokemon. Most trainers don't even have 5 Pokemon until right before the E4.
    That's an idea. Scale the number of Pokemon I have based on how far I am in the game. One when just starting out, three when halfway done, six when taking on the Elite Four. I'm not sure how fun it'll be when using the Pokemon Death rule. Maybe next time. I plan on using my Platinum for replays and legend farming.


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