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  1. people

    by , 27th May 2011 at 06:38 AM (Best Blog)
    You all are great people! Give yourself a pat on the back. ^_^
  2. Best Blog

    by , 6th July 2010 at 10:05 PM (Best Blog)
    Transformice is pretty fun. Transformice is a game where you play as a mouse, and you have to get the cheese on each level. You play with other players on each level. Cheese can be used to buy cosmetic items like hats, eye wear, and even a pipe. Sometimes you will be selected to play as a Shaman, whose job is to help the other mice get the cheese; however, trolling is perfectly acceptable as well (unless your name is Haze :|). Some screens...


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  3. Best Blog

    by , 6th July 2010 at 12:10 PM (Best Blog)
    I hope this becomes the best blog ever! My blog offers random emoticons. I can't believe I got 4 mail emoticons in a row! It's so random !

    Edit: To please all that crave content, I would like to ask a question. Is anything really truly random? Flipping a coin isn't random, as there are physics involved in determining which side the coin lands on. Even computer random numbers aren't truly random (you should know this if you ...

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