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  1. Damn those Poochyena!

    by , 21st October 2010 at 01:29 PM
    Thank God it's only one day left! At last I get eight days to relax and cut back from the current stress from my fourth year at school; its really scary to think that I can leave next year, though that isn't my plan.

    I'll explain the strange blog title in a moment but for now onto the fic bit. Heart of Gold is going okay though I'm only two chapters in (including the prologue)and I'm really enjoying writing the next chapter; its great to get into Lyra's head even if it is for only ...
  2. -Fic News-

    by , 27th September 2010 at 08:45 AM
    Whoo, A blog post! Something I didn't think I would ever do has now officially been done! Hurray! -_-

    But seriously, I doubted I would ever do this. You know, put up a blog post and all. But I really need somewhere to post my thoughts and all that crazy stuff, even if someone reads it or not. Anyway I'll be doing something very boring... Fic News!

    Yes, I'm going to write about where I'm standing with my fics and stuff.

    As you likely don't ...