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'Rushed out Title'

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by , 19th October 2013 at 01:13 AM (1162 Views)
People who say that XY was a rushed title are full of it, so bad. If they actually LOOK at the timeline for pokemon, like in the poster they released, they literally made a game for each main series, every single year since 1998, except in, 1997, 2002,and 2008

http://www.ebgame.ca/gs/images/bonus/pokemon-xy-dual-poster-lg.jpg just take a look at that (which I have myself,too)

XY have probably BEEN in development since BW2, or much likely, even earlier.

XY has even paved the way to making it easier to pump out remakes and new gens, since they don't have to remake sprites every time, especially since all past pokemon have models too,now. Remakes'd be adding the human models, and doing the maps. Maybe fixing a few balance things here and there, but that's it, compared to all the stuff from before.
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  1. Eternal Shadows's Avatar
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    Totally agree! Stick it to 'em!

    Excited for D/P remakes in 3D, Fairy Togekiss :3
  2. Phoenix502's Avatar
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    honestly, I'm rather indifferent about an RSE remake, I've been told by quite a few friends that Gen III was the least liked Pokemon Gen in most of the fanbase... not including me, because Blaziken still remains as my all time favorite Pokemon.

    it would be nice to see another Orre game, though... I enjoyed Colosseum and XD on the gamecube... with so many new pokemon, the supposed shaping up that are Poke Spots, as well as that one guy walking off in XD the Orre Region could have plenty to work with on a possibly new installment.
  3. Silktree's Avatar
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    The games entered development after Black and White's release. Had they only been in development since B2W2, then they would have been rushed.

    Your point about sprites is rather weak since there was a lot of repetition between the DS games, anyway. The altered sprites added in FRLG and HGSS were completely optional and shouldn't be compared to the recreating the regions and their features. Besides, the 3D models (particularly their animations) could be updated, too.


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