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Second time lucky

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Forgot about the blog. Yaay.

Hmm. What to post about...

I caught 5 woopers in my latest safari game. I called the boys Clone, Cloney and Clonex, and I called the girls Clonette and Clonessa. Still searching for Munchlax trees after all this time. Wait, whats the- Arg, m honey tree timed out again. ): I've only ever been successful with a stupid Silcoon.

On a brighter note, I went to college today (I'm in year 10 :P) on a high acheivers trip. And as I went there, I took one look at the prof organising it and I was like. Oh m god, it's my friend's mother! x_x What's more, she knows me (obviously) and she kept trying to talk to me. In the restaurant at lunch, she came up to me and said 'I really recommend these (whatever they were called), they're really nice and cheesey.
I nearly died. All my friends were like o.O

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