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My time here and the Computer Advice Corner

I run two Sub-Blogs. The first is just random stuff that pops into my head, my progress and any subtle things I notice in any Pokemon games I'm playing through at the time, and ideas that I need input on. The second is the Computer Advice Corner, the only place on Bulbagarden that offers help for common computer problems. Just hang out and make yourself at home.

  1. I don't know why I even stick around anymore.

    Ok. I've received a warning about a post I made in the soap box. I'm not complaining about it. I understand that it was the wrong thing to say. What I'm upset about is why open my mouth in the first place when all that comes out is Kool-Ade.

    I would want to request a permanent ban, but I worry that it would cause the moderators and administrators to panic about why I want to be banned and they would try to convince me otherwise, so instead, I am leaving the forum and the internet ...
  2. Generation 3 is complete!

    Over 386 posts. My next target on my "postedex" is 493, and after that I have no idea since generation 5 hasn't come out yet.
  3. Back.

    Well, sort of... I changed my user-name during my break when I was checking PMs (even on breaks I still try to stay in touch).

    I may be back, but Master Luxray has been replaced by the one and only Captain Falcon!
  4. ... (What did I get myself into this time?)

    Ok, Wigglytuff sent a PM to me as well as several admins and moderators. I tried to gather facts, but since it was a wild goose chase, I ended up questioning DCM and Ryuutakeshi. Bad idea.

    I have a feeling that Wigglytuff wanted me to get in trouble, so I've decided to leave for a week or two and let things cool down. It could also give me an excuse to change my username by killing off my online persona once and for all, so here goes...

    "Sir! We've lost ...

    Updated 8th June 2010 at 09:53 PM by $aturn¥oshi

  5. BMG members who want a Palm Pokédex? I do... well, sort of...

    Ok. I admit I don't own a Palm device. The reason I joined the social group, BMG members who want a Palm Pokédex? is because I would like to help work on a version for the underdog of smart phone operating systems, Windows Mobile, as well as the rising star of smart phone operating systems, Google Android, the first Linux OS for hand held devices. These two OS's haven't had much attention (none, in the case of Windows Mobile).

    I personally own a Windows Mobile device (a Motorola Q), ...
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