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BW series Pokemon Battle styles

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I’d say the quality of Pokemon Battles has really gone down since DP. Ash is just a hot mess because he isn’t pulling those strategies like he did in Sinnoh.

Battles like Excadrill vs. Beartic in their rematch, Pikachu vs. Leavanny or Tepig vs. Vanillite are prime examples of little to no strategy. These battles are rushed way too much ending in a draw or a win but only if the opponent takes like 3 moves in a row. I don’t like how a Pokemon can launch like 4 moves in a row before their opponent tells their Pokémon to do something or when both Pokemon just sit there and take an attack before launching their own.

Only a few battles have shown some strategy. Cilan is good with it especially with Dwebble, he assesses his opponent’s moves and power before using a brilliant combo of Shell Smash and an attack move. His Pansage is good using its speed and Stunfish is unique since it can “fly” through special training.

Needless to say, I’m not going to talk about the gym battles because ALL of them so far are really pathetic (yeah a “Paul-term”) worst one so far would have to be vs. Burgh another one for the top spot would be Tepig taking all of those Giga Impacts or matching the move with Flame Charge against Herdier.

What do you think of the battles thus far in BW?

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  1. Judai Yuki's Avatar
    BW battles < DP battles.
    Though I think that most of DP's really good battles were near the end. For all we know, BW's battles might improve.
  2. Paulisthebest's Avatar
    True, I just hope that it is soon I mean one thing that would make Ash's battles better; if he had some evolutions on his team. All of his rivals evolve their Pokemon left and right and having them lose to 1st stage Pokemon is pretty boring.


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