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Ash and Trip’s Tranquills

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by , 11th July 2011 at 06:46 PM (269 Views)
I just read about how the males do not warm up to anyone but their trainers (well that could be a trait that both the male and female have). It would be interesting to see if Trip has a male Tranquill, which imo he does I mean it would make sense because he has the only 2 type of Pokemon in this generation with gender differences (Pidove’s final form on Frillish).

I think the writers would give him and Ash opposite gender Pidove like Paul and Ash have Froslass and Glalie.

What do you think would if the two ever use their possibly fully evolved Unfezant at the same time?

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  1. Missingno. Master's Avatar
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    I've always thought Trip's Tranquill was male, mainly so the following situation I came up with could happen: Ash and Trip enter a Pokéringer contest in Mistralton City. Trip enters with his male Unfezant, Ash with Tranquill (maybe James with a borrowed Woobat, doesn't matter). Trip vs. Ash in the finals. Trip's kicking Ash's ass, Tranquill evolves. As female Unfezant are stated to have better flying capabilities than the male, Ash's Unfezant outflies Trip's with ease and wins. I know it would be a blatant rehash of the other two Pokéringer episodes, but honestly, that's one concept I wouldn't mind them reusing at all (unlike their lazy-ass methods of writing Ambipom and Dustox off the show).

    With a mustache.
  2. Paulisthebest's Avatar
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    Haha, this was funny! I doubt they do Pokeringer again but hey I've been wrong before twice already its been the place where Ash's regional bird reached its final stage.

    I can see you're scenario happening no doubt if that did occur.
  3. ¿Mukuhawku?'s Avatar
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    In the Japanese version, Trip's Tranquill has a very deep, masculine voice compared to Ash's, so more than likely Trip's Tranquill is male.

    I'm very interested to see how the two will interact once they fully evolve. There will no doubt be some kind of competition/battle between the two.


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