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  1. Why Central African Republic* is Best Pony

  2. The Bandwagon!

    So here I am... I never thought I'd be in this position, but I'm left with no choice. I have to address this issue before it spreads further.

    The 25 Reasons thing. Posted for a dare, thought it'd be funny, maybe a couple of others would do the same thing. But I never expected this. It's got out of control man, out of control! It's just spiralled into this... this... cluster of chaos and confusion. People are abusing it, going crazy with it: giving reasons for things other than being ...
  3. 25 Reasons Why The Puppetmaster Is Awesome

    1) He's got two cool things in his username - Puppets and Masters.
    2) He sings.
    3) He likes Pokemon.
    4) He likes to annoy Buoy.
    5) He gets annoyed by Buoy retaliating to TP annoying him.
    6) He's in Bulbagarden Idol.
    7) He plays mafia.
    8) He has Skype.
    9) He just is.
    10) He's got at least 9 things awesome about him.
    11) He's got another!
    12) He's American.
    13) He pronounces things wrong.
    14) He isn't very good ...