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Draconem Lamina Corona

Saturday night.

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Well, I spent at a friend's house, and certainly was the best part of the weekend. I'll begin in the part when my older brother paused San Andreas to go to the kitchen:

Friend: Play, Play! He hates when someone does that!
Me: OK *throws myself in a river and goes as far as possible to where he was*
F: Now get out there and starts shooting for him hear! *increases volume*
M: *do this and then enter into a truck*
F: Where are you going?
M: To another river for throw myself again.
F: You will drown!
M: Okay, it's him, not me..

After my brother complain, me and my friend started to make multiple trades in HGSS that he needed, but the DS light turned red. Luckily we managed to make all, and then I challenged him to my first PvP battle.
My TechnicianScizorBP and GardevoirCM owns.

And when was 2 am I and various dudes of 17~19 years that make kung-fu/jiu-jitsu begun to fight for fun.

My body continues with pain.

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