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Phantom Kat

My Dad Needs a Reality Check

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Thing is, he recently called my mom, saying I should take a class every day of the week for university. Umm, what? First of all, I hardly think he should be the one to give me advice about college scheduling when he himself has never attended a US college; if anything, my older sister is my go-to source for college advice, seeing as she graduated and is going for a second degree. Also, if he's so worried about me not earning enough credits, I'll take classes during the summer (that was my original plan, after all.)

Second of all, we're going to live in a small city outside of the city that hosts the university. Does he even know how much gas that's going to cost, commuting from a small city to a big city every day at the same time people are going to work? I chose to live at home as oppose to dorms because, 1) That would be good money saved, 2) My family is living nearby, and 3) I could care less about parties, university life, etc. Taking a class every day is not within our budget.

And the ironic thing is? My dad chose our new home in terms of how long it would take him to drive to HIS work. There were many, less expensive houses within the larger city, but since he so cannot afford to wake up earlier to go to work, the university is farther away than I would have liked. So he should be the last person advising me to commute to the university every day. HE picked the house. HE should stay quiet. If he would have listened to my mom, I would probably live near enough to take his advice and take a class every day, because, no I'm not lazy, thank you very much.

(Why aren't my parents divorced yet? :/ )

You know, you think he would think me responsible enough to make my own decisions. He knows I hate missing school, he knows I take my classes seriously, and he knows that I want to become a doctor, something that is NOT going to happen without rigorous studying and planning. I have GOALS, something I cannot say about most of the people I went to high school with. So what? Just because my hobbies are learning foreign languages, writing, and music and not reading about theorems like him, he thinks I'm irresponsible? And he wonders why my sister was so desperate to get out of the house and travel.

And just to ruin it, I'm now in a bad mood. There goes any inspiration I had to write with!


- Kat

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