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So I Just Lost My Diamond Version

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Out of a lack of anything to do, I took my DS and three Gen 4 games (Diamond, Platinum, and HeartGold) with me to Gamestop, to pick up three shiny Suicune because I could. I had the brilliant idea of carrying said games in my pocket, unprotected. Well Diamond must have fallen out at some point - some point other than in my dorm or in my car, because it's now nowhere to be found.

This is the one with hundreds and hundreds of hours on it. The one with innumerable event mons, including Arceus, Deoxys, the Regigigas I've been planning on trade to Pt to catch the other Regis, and who knows what else. The one that is the only one that links to Ranch, leaving hundreds of Pokemon stranded there.

I haven't played this game actively in years. I'm not so sentimental that I'm in tears or anything. It's just frustrating. x.x Of course the one video game I lose in the entirety of my life is one I've put the most effort into, the one whose absence renders another game completely useless. Siiiiiiiigh.

This thing better miraculously pop when I least expect it. Seriously.

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  1. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
    Life can suck like like that.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I hope you find it, i dont know where my Pearl is at the moment but i'm sure its here somewhere
  3. Pokomum's Avatar
    That really sucks. Hope it shows up.
  4. Kars's Avatar
    thats messed up
  5. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    That sucks, no way in backtracking?
    when I go to get an event (And I have only done it once since the Arceus one is the only one in Australia I managed to get, or maybe that was Jirachi, wait it was) I took a plastic back and I tell you I kept looking at my case, all of my Pokemon DS games were in there so I was paranoid about it,.


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