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Need Helpers!

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Am making a RPG Game for the forums (here), and I heavily need a good number of dedicated & active Helpers. Age doesn't matter as long as you act mature :P If you love RPG plus Pokemon and wish to help in any way possible, I welcome you to PM me with rough details about yourself (Name, how you wish to help, how much time you can spend, etc). You may also express your interests here, and then add me on AIM @ PokeFan17 if you wish to know a lot more details about the Game. Thanks!

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Updated 15th September 2011 at 12:45 AM by Trainer17



  1. Librarium's Avatar
    You mean an RP?
    Put this on the Metronome Forum, bro.
    There's a lot of active and dedicated RPers there.
  2. Trainer17's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice bro! It's up there as well :D
  3. Trainer17's Avatar
    It's not just an RP with one thread, think of it as a FORUM GAME RPG. Something grand like the URPG, KPU, Fizzy Bubbles :)
  4. shadow the hedgehog6's Avatar
    im interested
  5. Flannery's Avatar
    Yeah this is going to be a pretty large scale project (at least the size of KPU, maybe bigger).

    So yeah, we're going to need some help getting this all together.


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