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Okay, this is all venting and none of it should be taken to heart. I just need a place to post my rant. I'm about to unleash my rage, so here it goes:

UMMMM, oekaki, where is my picture that I quite clearly safety-saved so this WOULDN'T happen? This is why I don't frequent the oekaki anymore, because this happened to me all the time. I spent 60 minutes just sketching, all confident that I had overcome my artist's block, then I decided to take a break and carefully and confidently safety-saved my drawing so I could come back later. I've had pictures in storage before, and they saved just fine. So why now do you decide that my nice, swaggerful little drawing that I was oh-so proud of isn't worth making space in your server for? Just, what the heck, oekaki?

Annnnnnnd the artist's block is back because of this mess. HOORAH.

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