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It's About Damn Time

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Well, the US is finally getting Meloetta after countless months of waiting and waiting. Seriously, what took them so long? Is it because of Black and White 2? I'd assume yes, but still, they could've run the event much sooner.

Whatever, I'll finally have my Meloetta and we can put the wait to rest. Halle-friggin'-lujah.

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  1. Berrenta's Avatar
    About time we got Meloetta. Looking forward to obtaining it. Too bad I missed Genesect, but missing that doesn't matter to me that much.
  2. Codface's Avatar
    I like how this event is just before the release of Mystery Dungeon in the US. Its purely to get you instore to be pressured to buy a copy.
  3. Miles101's Avatar
    I plan on getting the new PMD anyways, so for me it's more like a bonus.
  4. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I just wish they would give us this event before they announced Gen 6 but at least I'm have a complete pokedex for gen V


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