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You've got it coming.

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And just wait until you see what I have in store for you, my friend.

For ignoring me. Deeming me the third wheel.
For making it so much harder.
So much harder than it already is.

Is it really that hard to give me some positive attention?
You don't have to sit with your boyfriend and throw insults at me just because you two think it's funny now that you're together.
Now I'm just more jealous. And more sad. Makes me wanna have coffee and cantaloupe.
Heat it up real good, throw that coffee into that face of yours.
Quit makin' me hate you. You were good. You appreciated me. We were losers alike. Now you pretend you're a big shot because you've got a loser boyfriend.
I've ruined my life in the past 3 months. My band broke up, I broke up with someone wonderful, and I even told it all to you. I asked for help.
You said "that sucks".

You know what's gonna suck? Your life after I'm done turning it into a living hell.
This saint's gonna make sure you rest in pieces. You pretended to listen to me. You make fun of me all the time.
You throw things at me. Oh, it's so funny. I know.

My grades dropped, I worked my ass off to raise them before the school year ended. My band broke up due to the drummer quitting over a quarrel with the bass player. I fucked my relationships with people up. My mom might lose her job. My dad and her are fighting over custody of us and neither will leave us alone. Mom wishes to put me into counseling. She won't let me hang out with anyone. She almost smashed my guitar. My guitar is EVERYTHING to me now. My guitar instructor is my new favorite person. Nice, understanding, and willing to teach what I wish to learn. He's a friend. I'm dealing with stress because I want to come out so bad, but I just can't. My friends don't like me anymore.

I hate my life. Does it really 'get better'?
I don't think so.

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