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No longer a Nuzlocke... now random rants!

Some things...

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Somewhat of a rant/vent blog entry again.. this time it isn't just about my dad... it's about quite a few people.

• The rant about my dad first!

• Rant of my sister (note: this one is rather short)

• Rant of my classmates:

Rant of... anything:

That's it, I guess..

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  1. Kamex's Avatar
    Oh no. That stinks. If you need someone to talk to, I'm there.
  2. Gomazou's Avatar
    I vent a bit via PM, to be honest. XD
    Um... so.. PM would be fine if I need to say anything about something my parents/sister/annoying classmates do?
  3. Kamex's Avatar
    If you ever feel the need, just PM me.
  4. Gomazou's Avatar
    Alright, thanks, Kamex. ^^
    It'll probably be on the weekends.... that's when my dad acts up the most. No work, so he acts like... that.
  5. Megaman's Avatar
    Response to your dad:
    Ok, thats not only out of line, its not normal. Please excuse me for saying this, but I think your dad has more thing wrong with him than just being a jerk.

    Your sister:
    Unless this is common behavior for your sister, I think she just is really stressed about something. I think you just caught her at a bad moment

    Your classmates:
    That dude just sounds like a jerk. I suggest ignoring him.

    random rant:
    Parrot people are annoying when other people thank them for repeating what you say, but almsot nothing is more annoying when they lecture you, repeating exactly what you said earlier.
  6. Gomazou's Avatar
    To the response to my dad: He's always out of line.
    To the response to my sister: Possibly. I mean, her co worker was acting like a real... ***** today.
    To my classmates: I do ignore him normally. Luckily, it works out.
    To the random rant: I hate it when people do that, it can be... so annoying.
    Also when they do something wrong, blame it on you, and then they lecture YOU for what they did wrong.
  7. Megaman's Avatar
    That reminds me of a time in middle school...
    I was in a class about making videos, and it was failing, and the rest of the group decided to blame it on me (the only person who was doing anything). In response, I asked them "So basically, everything that ever went wrong in the world is my fault?"
    They said yes, and so I said, "Then I apologize for your births."
    They didnt get it, but the looks of confusion on their faces were priceless.
  8. Gomazou's Avatar
    I did that to my classmates once. They didn't understand it either.
    It's stupid to blame it on the person who's actually doing the work, though. I guess since you were actually working, they pinned it on you?
  9. Megaman's Avatar
    And they all flunked the class. The teacher was actually watching the groups and knew who was working. It was just my bad luck to get the group with all the juvinile delinquents.
  10. Gomazou's Avatar
    Juvinile delinquents are the kids that always act up, right?
    The same always happened to me when I was in groups... eventually I had to work by myself, alone, at a table. I got punished in a way for them acting up.
  11. Megaman's Avatar
    Yup. I just stay out of groups whenever I can. Even if I like the kids in the group, I just do my best work alone.
  12. Gomazou's Avatar
    Though I prefer working alone, I like having someone else with me while working, you know, if I'm stuck on something, so I can ask them for help.
  13. Megaman's Avatar
    Yeah, the problem is I'm normally the guy people go to for help. I eather end up doing nothing or doing all the work.
  14. Shiny Staraptor's Avatar
    I try to stay out of groups too. My class is mostly som immature that if we don't agree on something, a big fight breaks out.

    But of course, you can talk to me if you ever have a problem ;D
  15. Gomazou's Avatar
    fish: I normally always do all the work in school.
    Teh Pig: Most of my class is immature as well.
    And thanks. ^^
  16. Rakarei's Avatar
    Immature people suck, but they'll be around forever so you should try to ignore them.

    And if you ever need anybody to talk to I'm here.
  17. Gomazou's Avatar
    Immature people will be near you forever, like you said. I just try to ignore them, though they can really get on my nerves... which is quite hard.
    And thanks, Rakarei. ^^
  18. Kars's Avatar
    thats some messed up stuff man
  19. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Wow, your mom has some bad luck concerning guys. Ok, that sounds pretty bad how I worded that there, but he sounds like a a grade-A jerk. Are you in any other sports or clubs? That might get him to leave you alone about football.

    Do you absolutely have to carry out her bags everyday? On days you have class at 2pm you should see if anyone else could help her out, put the bags in the car a lot earlier, or have her do it herself.
    As for her screaming at you, like Megaman said, I think you caught her at a bad moment.

    In a few years you won't have to deal with most of those kids ever again. Don't let it get to you. Take comfort in the fact that you aren't annoying or immature like them.

    Anything rant:
    That can be a bit of a "wtf?" moment, but sometimes it's just easier to let it go.
    Updated 13th December 2010 at 12:06 AM by Kakuna Matata
  20. Gomazou's Avatar
    I'm not in any clubs, though I was.
    And I always have to carry her bags out, according to her.
    I won't have to deal with them after the year is over, actually. They're all going to different classes.
    I actually keep forgetting about the Anything rant and what happened.
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