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I really hate my dad right now.

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My mom opened something in the mail that was in her name.. and when he came in, he went right to the mail. Then he asked her why she opened it. It was in her. FREAKING. NAME.
Telling her she can't open something in her name, I'm pretty sure, isn't legal. He also went after her one day, shoving her onto me.
I was freaking eight years old and I had to hold up my mom. Yep. Just great. If I hadn't freaking been there, and he shoved her onto the wooden chair, she'd... be dead or in a coma.
And I know, that at eight years old, with my sister out of the house in her apartment with her ex boyfriend, I'd be in big trouble.
1. He doesn't know how to take care of kids. When we still lived in Chatham, and I was two, my mom had to leave him and my sister home to "babysit me".
Well, guess who let me pretty much jump out the window?
My dad.
My sister came running down the hallway when she saw me on the heater, about to go out the window.
Where was my dad?
Sleeping. Where else would he be? Seriously.. all he does is sleep all day.
2. He doesn't know how to cook. When my mom let him watch me, he'd still sleep all day. Luckily, I was able to use the toaster, so I'd make toast for breakfast and lunch.
3. (this one is obvious if you read the other two reasons) He sleeps ALL DAY LONG.
4. If he isn't sleeping, he's eating. If he isn't eating, he's watching TV. Not exactly "watching me", now is it?
5. He takes better care of the dog then me. The dog actually gets a tiny bit of respect from him.
He's calling me fat, stupid, an idiot, a moron, you name it, he's called me it.

And then he says I have his brain. You probably all know what I mean here. That pretty much means he just insulted himself.

Let's see... did I mention he punched me the first day of school last year?
He punches my mom.. he kicks her...
After she had me, she wanted her to go back to work THE DAY AFTER SHE HAD ME.
The doctor literally fell when he said that.

1. She just went through child birth for the sixth time (four died, two lived; me and my sister)
2. She just had a baby.. she wasn't supposed to go back to work for a while (few months, I think).
3. He works from 6 AM in the morning to 3 PM, five days a week.
Exactly who would take care of me? My sister was barely 13. She wouldn't know how to change my diaper.. get my baby food.. everything that a baby would need.

I have a lot more reasons to not like him, but I don't feel like listing them all.

/end rant about my dad

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  1. Rakarei's Avatar
    That really sucks. If he's abusive you should call the police, he should not be hitting you or your mom.
  2. Kamex's Avatar
    I agree with Rakarei. This sounds pretty serious.
  3. Gomazou's Avatar
    But if I do that.. he'd get pissed off, and my mom would deny he's done it.. and if I tell my sister, she doesn't believe me...
    If I do call the abuse hotline, my mom will deny he's done anything at all.
    It's been a year since he's hit me, and four years since he's hit my mom.. but, he still keeps it up.
    He acts like he knows everything, you know, kinda like hes a gift to the world.
  4. Kamex's Avatar
    I know cases like that. It's tough.
  5. Gomazou's Avatar
    That, and if he get put in jail.. well, my mom doesn't have a job, and my sister has a job, but it isn't enough to pay all the bills, so.. yeah.
    Something else I forgot:
    I do surveys to get ya know, like a little bit of money to save up. He takes it every time I get it.

    And he took my shoes one day saying I "gave them to him", when I didn't.
  6. Kamex's Avatar

    I'm so sorry to hear that...
  7. Gomazou's Avatar
    ANOTHER thing I forgot.
    I'm tempted to keep a list of the things he does.
    He wants me to get a job at twelve years old.
  8. Rakarei's Avatar
    You should keep a list. And then you should show it to someone who can help you.
  9. Gomazou's Avatar
    I'm going to keep a list somewhere where only I know where it is, this way, he won't find it.
  10. Evil Ash's Avatar
    dude, this is serious you really should call a abuse hotline, like before anything worse happens
  11. Gomazou's Avatar
    But my mom doesn't have a job, my sister does, but she can't pay the bills alone, so doing that puts up the risk of us (me, my mom and sister) getting thrown out if I do.
  12. Kars's Avatar
    you can always kill him and plead for insanity


    you should call the abuse hotline
    move out as soon as you can
  13. Gomazou's Avatar
    ...That could work.. I mean, I could just say it was a form of defense.
    If we move out, he has to go with us..
  14. Kars's Avatar
    i ment when you're older
  15. Gomazou's Avatar
    Oh, yeah.
    I'm already moving out when I'm 18. I've told my mom multiple times.
  16. Kars's Avatar
    get rich and dont share
  17. Noctis's Avatar
    Nobody deserves to be treated like that. You should call the abuse hotline. In my country, there is also something called the Child Telephone. You can call this line anonymously and speak with someone about your problems.
  18. Gomazou's Avatar
    A "child telephone"?
    I've never heard of it, to be honest. ^^
  19. Megaman's Avatar
    I advise calling the abuse hotline next time he does it. That kind of **** is illegal, and you could always ask that they say that they were just responding to reports of a disturbance. If you or your mom is bruised, I think the cops would notice.
  20. Gomazou's Avatar
    No, there aren't any bruises.. my doctor checks every time I go to him.
    *wonders if he knows*
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