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this is the end.

lack of activity and news

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my lack of activity on this site is due to personal issues, including family, friends, and schoolwork. terribly sorry for the inconvenience. i will probably be uploading some of my homestuck fan-fictions that i have been working on in the near future, but now is not the time. i need to study and get through this year. it's really been rough on me, and again, i'm sorry for the absense.

however, good news is, after exams and final tests is the remainder of the school year (which will consist of preparing for next year) and finally summer, in which i will probably be replying like usual and will be online everyday.

bad news, im going to continue to be inactive for the next few weeks because of exams and final testing/grading

besides school, i've been really depressed and not my usual self lately. i dont know whats wrong with me, but im thinking its stress. i may act a little rude or cold if you talk to me, and if so, then i apologize. ive been under the weather and i just got over some really bad kidney issues that got me into the hospital and i fear it is coming back. i should feel a bit better once school ends, if my hunch on stress is correct. if not, i'll probably start seeking some help.

thanks for reading and i hope you all have a good day!! uwu xoxoxo

-starlight (john)

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