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this is the end.

help with a team???

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ok so i need help with a team for my pokemon black 2 game hey (yes i just got it today sue me i've been busy)

so far:
braviary (gonna trade from another game)

don't know what elsEEEE

help i was thinking maybe bouffalant but i DONT KNOWWWW


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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Darmanitan and Leavanny
  2. H-con's Avatar
    For the special side of the spectrum, you've got things like Starmie (fast, excellent coverage with the right moves), Volcarona (disappointing early, but complete rape-train when you get TM Fire Blast) and Magnezone (total bro) to name three.

    For physical attackers, you've got things like Haxorus (DD + Outrage or SD + Dragon Claw/filler), Darmanitan, Flygon, Heracross.

    For mixed, Lucarion works pretty fine.

    For support, Whimsicott is a wonderful pokémon to play with. It's like I get revenge on the haxing AI whenever I set up a Cotton Guard and Leech Seed it's face off. Of course, Ferrothorn (with Rocky Helmet) is also pretty fun, nothing is quite like seeing those Audino fainting themselves with a Doubleslap, though he takes on a more direct attacking approach than Whimsicott.


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