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this is the end.

did i ever mention

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when i got pokemon x i finished it in like two days??

i wasn't even solidly playing it, i only spent like a couple hours on it.

that game was the easiest i swear. that exp share really just overleveled you goddamn

dude red/blue was like hard when i was a kid and for some reason its still hard now then again i havent played it since i was a kid pff

now im just waiting for poke transporter to come out. i already have my team from black 2 i want to transport over so... sighhhh i hate waiting. in the mean time i guess i'll just play animal crossing augh

fart noise this was an unnecessary blog but w/e

blogging thing
yea h

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  1. Jack Pschitt's Avatar

  2. Helioptile's Avatar
    I agree, the Exp Share makes the game WAAAYYY too easy. Seriously, we go from hard opponents like Clay, Colress, Elesa (although she's difficult through cheapness. I'll forgive her because she's hot.), Ghetsis and Drayden; to easy Gym Leaders and an Exp Share that makes your party 10 levels higher than they should be. I turned it off in my playthrough for that reason.
  3. Peter Quill's Avatar
    I liked the EXP share since I could stop fighting random encounters and most trainers by the seventh gym. Was nice to go from gym seven -> the end of the game without worrying about levels.

    Ended up a bit underleveled by the time I reached the Champ but it wasn't a problem.

    What I really miss was a challenging champion battle. Gary Oak was a challenge. Cynthia was a challenge. Because type balance. Gen VI's champ battle was a joke.

    The other issue with Gen VI was all the things they give you for free:

    Kalos starter (okay, every game gives you a starter, no big deal)
    Kanto starter (all of which have mega forms)
    Lucario (your first Mega as well. Bonus points for the simple fact that a Mega Lucario with a good moveset can solo the final battle at level)
    Snorlax (fine, you have to catch it, but again, it's pretty much a freebie)
    Lapras (given to you if you talk to a certain guy and have a spot in your party)

    Let's run through the list now and compare it to my final team.

    Greninja (starter)
    Charizard / Mega Charizard X (kanto starter)
    Lucario / Mega Lucario (free Lucario)
    Snorlax (freebie)
    Gengar / Mega Gengar (given to me by Oblivion, hatched as a Gastly, raised myself)
    Pidgeot (hey, I actually caught something)

    To me this was the real problem: you could very easily make it through the game without catching a single Pokemon. Or catch a bird and a bug and cut them lose after the second gym. So to me the real problem is combining the fact that you're given five powerful mons for free and that EXP share means you're overleveled.
  4. Phoenixon's Avatar
    I'm not sure if X and Y are really that easy...
    But I agree, that the new exp. share makes training Pokemon WAY too easy. If anything, they should have made it a post-e4 item, so you could train weak Pokemon easily AFTER defeating the main story, at which time Pokemon training is optional (pretty much). It should NOT have been something you get AFTER THE FIRST GYM! Like seriously, wut, GF?

    OR, they should have made the Exp. Share (working the same way it has been since Gen II) an early item, then madethe Exp. All (like in Gen I), which would share experience between all your Pokemon, after the E4.


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