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this is the end.

  1. this has been a psa

    about aph russia

    russia with ANIMAL EARS i am crying holy sh it

    kawaii as fuck

    even when he's trying to kill prussia he's cute fu ck

  2. i'm so sick of seeing your face

    kinda makes me wanna vomit tbh bleugh

    anyway hi guys its been a while i've been posting a lot on my art thread SO if you're interested in viewing my latest activity there's that. here's a link if you want to visit it: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f237/another-art-gallery-166412/

    other than that i got omega ruby for christmas and i already finished it lol and now i'm in the process of catching all the legendaries and trading all my x and y pokemon over (or in my case ...
  3. pokemon randomizer meme!

    i saw this on a deviantart journal and i thought it would only be appropriate to post it here! uwu

    Pokemon Randomizer: randompokemon.com/
    (Switch to "All Regions" and "1") Only one Pokemon per question. Tag one or more people when you're finished.

    1. This Pokemon is your best friend.

    ahhhh one of my favorite starters!!

    2. This Pokemon is your boss ...
  4. updates and stupid stuff

    hello everyone! its been a while since i posted anything, mostly because of school and having to do a lot of work and studying for it. i'm currently on a three day weekend, so i get a little break.

    anyway, i just wanted to say some updates about what's been going on in my private life. a lot of people (mostly my close friends) may now that i have been on medication for my depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder since... december i believe. after some duds, it seems to be working ...
  5. did i ever mention

    when i got pokemon x i finished it in like two days??

    i wasn't even solidly playing it, i only spent like a couple hours on it.

    that game was the easiest i swear. that exp share really just overleveled you goddamn

    dude red/blue was like hard when i was a kid and for some reason its still hard now then again i havent played it since i was a kid pff

    now im just waiting for poke transporter to come out. i already have my team from black 2 ...
    pokaymonzzz , random shit.
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