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mj ike

On Schulz and Peanuts

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A couple years ago, I read David Michaelis' biography of Charles Schulz, and I couldn't help but see parralels between the creator of Charlie Brown and Ash. Check it out:

You got the only child of a loving, yet foxy, mother with a powerful drive to show the parent who "abandoned" him what he can really do. He's very creative, more intelligent than he let's on, but is plagued by emotional turbulence. He ends up with a woman (Pokeshipping) who seems like she can be incredibly pleasant, but who proves she couldn't be more incompatible with him. He starts out the Charlie Brown to her Lucy, but as his genius becomes more and more apparent, he is much more aloof like Schroder. He finds a mistress (Advanceshipping) who re-lights his passion; as well as serves to ultimately sever them. They both end up re-marrying (Orangeshipping and Pearlshipping); in his case, when he meets a woman much more genuinely supportive of him.

I recommend the biography to anyone who's followed the anime. Your two cents.

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