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  1. The Magic has died in this world, but it stays immortal in our hearts

    by , 10th January 2013 at 10:34 PM (The troll's tavern)
    I generally dislike using the blog feature, but I will make an exception for this.

    As of today, Power Quest is officially no more. The group has announced that they are disbanding. I am doing this merely to spread the word: http://blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=184669

    Apparently they didn't make a profit off the albums, relying on day jobs, and it got to the point that they decided to call it quits.
  2. I'm back and better than ever!

    by , 13th November 2010 at 04:02 PM (The troll's tavern)
    After a long period of relative inactivity, I have returned. I have three announcements.

    1. My friend and I battling on PBR was enough to get my brother interested in pokemon. He now has SS and has defeated Morty.

    2. I am so very pumped for Sonic Colors.

    3. I lied when I said there would be only three announcements.

    4. My DSi is being repaired. The shoulder buttons stopped working again.

    5. I have joined my school's anime ...
  3. My guitar finally came.

    by , 2nd September 2010 at 01:51 PM (The troll's tavern)
    My electric guitar finally came yesterday. I also remembered yesterday how long it was since I actually played guitar (about a year or two.) I'll upload pics once I find the SD card slot (the computer I'm using doesn't have one built in, so I need to use one that plugs into a usb slot.)
  4. Artwise, Gen V will start with Grey (or whatever the hell its name will be)

    by , 25th August 2010 at 08:43 PM (The troll's tavern)
    Do to the significant chance of Pokemon Grey being a 3DS game, I think that there will be a major graphic overhaul. If there are to be new sprites (or 3D models) for pokemon, it will be in Grey. If there's to be an updated overworld, it will be in Grey. If battles will become a fully animated spectacle (like PBR), it will happen in Grey.
    That is basically the reason I think Grey will outsell Black and White combined.
  5. Although at the zoo I pay attention to the signs...

    by , 13th July 2010 at 05:38 PM (The troll's tavern)
    For some reason I find odd pleasure in feeding the trolls. Specifically, giving the trolls a "take that!" Is that abnormal? I know the warning signs on the cages say not to, but I can't help myself when I get the chance.
    BTW: I usually follow the "do not feed the animals" rule to the letter when present IRL.
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