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Sir Haruko's Bulbablog~

A place for my thoughts, ideals, and randomness! Updated whenever I feel like it.

  1. Yay!

    I got a complete Unova dex now! Well excluding the legendaries that haven't came out yet. I've never ever gotten a complete dex before so I feel really great about it right now! Should I go for national?
  2. Iris and Cilan are boring.

    Before I get started on this let me just say that I do enjoy both Iris and Cilan's character on the show (Actually a huge AshxIris fan I might say) it's just that....they don't do anything.

    At first I thought the reason Black and White was moving at a faster pace than Diamond and Pearl was because they wanted to correct the mistakes they made with that series but now it's becoming more apparent to me that the reason ...
  3. First Blog entry >_<

    I want to get this started today before I do anything else. Hmmm let's do an about me article.

    I was born in 1995 in the state of Good ol' Georgia. I got into Pokemon in 1999 in the midst of the Pokemon hype fad. Everyone had the games and I had to get into it also or be left out.

    The first game in the series I got was Pokemon Yellow (Also my first GB game ). I remember playing it for like 5 minutes and then giving up.... I couldn't find a gym...cause I didn't ...
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