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  1. Rest in peace, Hiroshi Yamauchi

    The mark you left on this world will stay, reflected in the hearts of all the grown-ups you inspired when they were children.

  2. Pokemon illustrator hopping on another team

    I just found out today that the Pokemon illustrator Atsuko Nishida worked with the Harvest Moon designer for Hometown Story (3DS).

    If you look at her Bulbapedia page, you'll see it's not exactly unprecedented that this happens either. It's really interesting to see how the designer works in creature design when it's not Pokemon. You can easily trace some of the features in these characters ...
  3. Gates to Infinity, why do you do this to me?

    It took me a while to collect all of my thoughts for this...

    I finished PMD:GTI and....

  4. Staff List for Magnagate

    I felt like typing it all down because I was curious. Chunsoft had a merger with Spike and I wondered what impact it had on the development team for this game, if any.


    Koichi Nakamura


    Seiichiro Nagahata
    Hironori Ishigami


    Shin-ichiro Tomie

    Event Planning Director:

    Emiko Tanaka

    Event Planning:

    Namiko Fukuda
  5. Spreading the awesome.

    I decided that as a closet fan I've had enough of running and hiding in an anti-pokemon neighborhood. I'll change this fact myself.

    Before Pokemon Direct was dropped on us all by Iwata, Junichi masuda hyped up the presentation and told us to show it to everyone we know. So I decided to honor his request today.

    Today when I was out, I showed some classmates the Nintendo Direct. They were general nintendo fans, but mostly indifferent to Pokemon.

    We got ...
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