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Working on an Italy Region FakeDex, here's the first 43 Pokemon I made.

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by , 12th December 2013 at 02:51 PM (2003 Views)
I've been working on a new FakeDex for a Region inspired by Italy, with a Greco-Roman theme to it as well, here are all the ones I've come up with so far. I mainly begin with a conceptual design based on what they'd look like and represent, working on the gameplay elements later on, so the idea for stats and abilities are sort of W.I.P.

I posted ideas for the first fourteen Pokemon I made for the Dex in this blog:, here are more ones to go along with those.

*Olivo (Grass) - Olivain (Grass) - Olivelous (Grass/Electric)

My idea for the Grass Starter, they're peacocks with elements of an olive (they secret an oily substance that smells good and is used to style their crown feathers), and by the final form, a weather vane as they can use their head feathers to call down lighting, and charge their bodies using their fan like tails. Unlike Piplup and Blaziken, these bird Pokemon more or less stay looking like regular, although fancy, peacocks. It's also inspired by Zeus, all the Starters this time draw from the sons of Cronus, due to his lightning powers, and the fact they're quite polygamous Pokemon. Thinking it'd specialize in Special Attack and Speed mainly, the quick attacker.

*Pybear (Fire) - Slumbear (Fire) - Beartarus (Fire/Ghost)

The Fire Starter, they're bipedal black bears with a "grim reaper" style, particularly by the final form. Pybear is a Pokemon that constantly sleeps, but when awoken "heats" up and gets quite violent. Slumbear basically sleepwalks, and is so tired it has a "zombie" appearance with blank eyes and shagged fur, and Beartarus is a Pokemon that, when it hibernates, projects an astral form that can protect its sleeping body, and also is believed to "travel" to the underworld. Their fire elements are torch-like ears that erupt, and scythe-like claws they can deploy from their knuckles made of fire. It's inspired by Hades, the hibernation theme a reference to the myth of Demeter where, in some versions, she is bound to the underworld during the fall/winter months. Would have high HP, and combos utilizing Rest, Sleep Talk, and such, with decent attack stats, but slower.

*Mooshy (Water) - Moomire (Water/Ground) - Mooseidon (Water/Ground)

Water Starter, a cute water buffalo Pokemon that can use its horns as a dowsing rod to find water, and its fur is like a sponge that contains water. The later forms are very large, and their powerful hooves can expose underground water and cause tremors, as well as having hardened, yet aerated, mud fur. They can expel water through their hollow hooves, horns, and for Mooseidon, geyser like structures on its back. Inspired by Poseidon, who was associated with not only water, but also earthquakes, and horses (and occasionally bulls, thus a water buffalo). Defensive and physically based.

* Broala (Normal) - Ma'supial (Normal)

"Early Rodent", as the game would take place on a tropical island loosely based on Sardinia, the early-game Pokemon would thus be such creatures you'd find on an island, and a little more "unique". Broala is a koala with stretchy arms, it can stretch them behind its back and wrap around its parent or trainer's arms, resembling a cute backpack, and its pouch on its belly can store items. I'm thinking that possibly if you have a Broala in your party, your over-world model would wear it on their back for visual effect. Ma'supial is a larger koala that lets its child, or Trainer, ride its pack, and has a very deep pouch slightly inspired by Doraemon, where it can store lots of stuff like extra food. Also, Ma'supial would carry a Broala on its back (even if you evolve a Broala, it would instantly have one of its own, just go with it!), and it'd be the first non-Mega Pokemon with Parental Bond, although its attack stats aren't that high so not to be overpowered like M-Kanga. I thought of the "backpack" idea as being the perfect Pokemon to market with the lead girl in the Anime.

* Macawllo (Normal/Flying) - Macawbleno (Normal/Flying)

The "Early Bird", also a more tropical creature as it's a Macaw, the gimmick is it'd come in three color varieties...primarily red, primarily blue, and primarily green (get it?), plus the Shiny would be primarily yellow. The colors have no differences otherwise, it'd just be a fun little extra. Their wings would be able to absorb and reflect light and create illusions, and thus would focus a bit more on special stats compared to the usual physical birds, although it'd know a few physical moves early on like Peck and such for flavor.

* Piruka (Water/Electric)

The Pikachu Clone...and it's a dolphin! Imagine it being a relative of the Pikachu line evolved to live in water. Grey with a golden back, and a red nose, it uses electrical waves to communicate with friends and like a radar. They're really intelligent and friendly Pokemon towards humans, but, like real dolphins, can be crafty and cruel, especially towards fish they eat. In this game, you'd be able to "Surf" (now done using a special water board) very early on, and Piruka would be an early game water Pokemon to encounter. A fast, mixed attack, stats would be Emolga-level, so decent early on.

* Tuppy (Normal) - Mastuff (Normal/Steel)

The Early Dog. Mastiff Pokemon, they'd have natural collars around them that would keep their strength in check, Tuppy having one around its neck, and Mastuff having more around its legs. They're guard dogs, but are actually very pleasant and friendly, rarely barking or biting, and instead trying to avoid fights by intimidating foes with their large size. They also protect their masters homes...even if they leave, so I drew from the myth of Hachiko a bit. I had the idea that, in the games, one town you'd visit based on Pompeii that's recently been destroyed you'd find the collar of a Mastuff lying on the ground, implying it waited even through ash burying it alive. High physical attack and defense, using strong tackling moves mainly. No biting moves, since Mastiff aren't known to bite.

* Gritten (Normal) - Mangyatt (Normal/Poison)

The Early Cat, my idea for Gen VII was the theme of the games would be Day and Night, with a new system for changing time. There'd be lots of Day/Night exclusive Pokemon, with Tuppy being Day-exclusive, and Gritten being Night-exclusive. It's a mangy alley cat Pokemon that digs through trash and carries a fish-bone as a weapon, the fish-bone growing too when it evolves. Mangyatt is a cat suffering from mange, mostly hairless, caused by microscopic bugs and is quite dirty. They're fast and focus on physical attacks, more trickery over pure strength, with some surprising coverage as they can use the fish-bone to do Bone Rush, and the mites can be used to do Infestation.

* Wolvore (Dark) - Wolforine (Dark)

Early Dark Types, think Poocheyna, found in an early snowbound area. They're wolverines, and love to eat and hunt prey; Wolvore particularly will even attempt to eat its friends if hungry enough as it's quite a glutton. Wolforine is a more noble hunter, wearing a wolf's pelt (not a wolf Pokemon, a real "unseen" wolf) over its body and only going after strong prey, reflected by a new Ability I'm possibly thinking of where it gains an attack boost when facing Pokemon with higher attack, but an attack debuff when facing a weaker Pokemon. Hardy Pokemon with speed and power, they learn mainly biting and claw attacks, but perhaps some Ice-type attacks since they live in such a climate.

* Scutter (Bug/Water) - Scravenger (Bug/Water)

New Crab Pokemon, and BUG WATER THAT DON'T LOSE IT UPON EVOLVING, they're spider crabs with really long legs. Also inspired by the "Samurai Crab", the crab with the samurai-like face in Japan, they're bodies resemble samurai helmets. Scutter has a larger helmet and can retract its weak legs into its shell and roll away. Scravenger's helmet weakens a bit, but its legs are way stronger, and it basically uses them to dance around and keep its soft head safe from harm. Diving would return, and they'd be found underwater a bit late in the game. Slashing and clawing moves, compared to the other crab-like Pokemon I'm thinking their attack wouldn't be as high, as they slash instead of crush, but would be quick and somewhat defensive too.

* Sparping (Electric) - Databoss (Electric/Psychic)

The Pokemon with the signature move "Mind Shock" I mentioned in the "Random Ideas for New Moves", they're sort of interesting Pokemon based off modern technology. Sparping is a little spark with eyes resembling "nerd glasses", that travels through wireless waves absorbing data. They can also clog up networks. Databoss is a floating, electrical head, like an evil genius look, which is a living basically has every piece of recorded information stored in its body. However, they absorb data for sustenance, and aren't intelligent, the massive amount of useless facts stored basically gives them the intelligence of a small child who can only repeat information, but not actually apply critical thinking or put it to use. Sort of a satirical Pokemon? They're also inspired by the idea of "nensha", psychic projection, as they can transmit data directly into the brains of others or onto film. They usually just transmit pointless, random bits of data, which just confuses the receiver. Special Attack and Speed based, with probably Infiltrator as one ability. Mind Shock, to summarize, is like Flying Press, but Psychic with Electrical effects, and can hit Ground-type Pokemon.

* Ragoon (Dragon/Water) - Gondora (Dragon/Water) - Gondorarge (Dragon/Water)

Since Fairy Types are now popular, I wanted more common Dragon Pokemon, thus these dudes which are seen quite a bit around the game and are of average strength more or less, about on par with the Starters. Since the Region is based on Italy, they're inspired by gondola, and are shiny black plesiosaurs that ferry people around. In the Venice-based city, Gondora work like Gogoat, ferrying you around to various locations on its back. And in the early parts of the game you ride the much larger Gondorarge from the Sardinia-area to the mainland to start the key part of your journey. Ragoon, like Piruka, would be found really early on, but slightly rare, and would be a great early game member. Stats would be fairly balanced all around, the physical stats being the lowest, and good, but not pseudo.

* Chikram (Flying/Steel) - Fowlchion (Flying/Steel) - Gryphius (Flying/Steel)

One of the Pseudo-Legends, I'm thinking there'll be two families like in Hoenn, going with a Steel-type since it resists both the old powerful Dragon and the new counter Fairy. It's basically a stronger Skarmory, eagle/griffins with armored bodies and sword like wings, they're very justice-prone Pokemon who protect the skies. Chikram can't fly well, so spins its whirly head feather around like a helicopter blade, Fowlchion has powerful sword-like wings, heavier and thicker than Skarmory's, and Gryphius grows a pair of strong arms to help it move around on land. They're sort of "bad ass" and intimidating, I guess in function. As you'd expect, they've got great stats, bar Special Attack, and use powerful moves utilizing their wings and sword-type attacks. Sky Battles would return, now with more focus in the end-game, and these guys would be seen as the boss of them.

* Jinnjar (Ground/Fire)

A genie Pokemon! Jinnjar is like a smiling, non-racist Mr. Popo, made of smooth red fire (as djinn in traditional lore are described as smokeless fire), with either a oily beard, if a male, or an oily ponytail, if female. It doesn't really have any magical powers, but protects its master's home. The clay jar it lives within is alive too, but not its own Pokemon, they're a packaged deal. The jar is very oriental like (since Aladdin technically took place in China in the original tale, albeit how the author envisioned it) and always frowning, since it gets none of the attention. It's got oil within it, which is what powers the genie. The two Pokemon would "switch" off learning moves, so one move level they'd learn a special Fire move, next time they'd learn a defensive move, and I am also considering some Ability where they switch stats depending on whoever's in control, but I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking I may just represent the duality by making them a unique Physical Defense, Special Attack-based Pokemon.

* Titunn (Fairy/Ground)

A giant Pokemon, I mean, I count giants as Fairy creatures somewhat, inspired by Attack on Titan. I'm thinking it'd have a slightly cuter design, but would be really big, not technically the longest Pokemon, but one of the tallest definitely, with lanky arms and stubby legs. The top of its head would be covered in dirt, with a cute little flower popping out, making it look like a mountain from afar, and would be called "The Moving Mountain". Peaceful and a lover of the environment, it'd also occasionally rampage at humans who harm the environment. Its stats wouldn't be amazing despite its size (hi onix!), and mainly learn more support moves. High HP mainly, and somewhat decent physical attack since it's so big.

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    You are not the only making they're own region and that is me with the Galactico region
  2. BadAssKoala's Avatar
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    I love it except that the koala is just normal. I'm a huge fan of koalas and would hate to see a koala pokemon get shafted with just normal. I see the koala pokemon being Grass/fighting or Grass/Dark but within the context or your region I'd say Grass/normal. Anyway awesome region 10/10 would love to play!
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    You always have some really good, creative ideas (of course there's ones that I don't really like, but that's bound to happen).

    When gen VII rolls around, please stop using your ideas as fake rumours though. Posting them like this is much better :P


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