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What-If "Sega Smash Brothers": Part 2: Sonic the Hedgehog's Moveset

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Just a fun project I'm doing where I design a fictional "Sega Smash Brothers". For somewhat added authenticity, I wrote this with the idea that the game would've come out around 1999 when the original Smash Brothers did, thus limiting it to characters and moves that were around during that time-period. I also stuck to the original style of Smash Brothers 64 where there were only three moves.



Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis '91)

The Blue Blur needs no introduction! A fun-loving Hedgehog that's all about speed, he's ready to throw down with the rest of Sega's Mascots! His speedy moves allow him to move around the battlefield with ease and run circles around the other players, but he's not so keen on getting hit, so keep him safe! Unlike in the real Smash Brothers, Sonic is a lot easier to control being the central mascot character, and overall more balanced here.

In the first game Sega Smash, Sonic's design would draw from his Genesis appearances (more so the latter ones where he's a bit tougher looking like Sonic 3), and he wouldn't talk, since the game would "come out" before Sonic Adventure did.

Size: Sonic is on the shorter side, and is also rather light, although not the shortest or lightest character.

Speed: As expected, Sonic is the fastest character, although unlike in Smash Brothers his speed is a bit more manageable since he's designed to be a more "all-around" character. For instance, unlike in Smash, he can stop easier as opposed to how in that game he'd skid across the ground.

Recovery: Sonic's recovery is decent, he's got two regular jumps that get decent height, and a special that grants him great vertical recovery, but his horizontal recovery isn't as good as he falls fast.

Normal Moves: Sonic's normals are drawn from his appearance in Sonic the Fighters, and involve various punches and kicks, as do his Smash Attacks. His dash attack has him perform a quick Spin Attack. Sonic's attacks are fast and cause decent damage with little knock-back, allowing him to quickly rack up damage through combos. Unlike in Smash, Sonic's attacks are far more easier to control, and he doesn't have anything like his Aerial-Down in Smash that has him plummet towards the ground.

Grabs: Sonic must be rather close to the foe to grab them with his arms. His throws are decent, but overall he's not that good when it comes to Grabs. He throws opponents usually by rolling up in a ball and spinning into them.

Standard Special Move: Insta-Shield
From Sonic 3, this move has Sonic quickly turn into a ball and "slash". He can use it on the ground, or in the air, and it works basically the same in both instances. If it hits a foe, it causes a small amount of damage. Its main use is defensive, however, as when Sonic slashes he's briefly rendered invulnerable to physical attacks and some items which will simply bounce off him. Energy-based attacks and such will still hurt him, however. The timing of the move takes a bit of getting used to, but in the hands of skilled players it allows Sonic to get up close to foes.

Up Special Move: Spring Jump
Returning from Smash Brothers, the move here would be a bit different. The vertical distance Sonic gains is far less, and there's less lag compared in Smash Brothers where Sonic couldn't change his trajectory till the bouncing animation ended. It's a more easier and simple recovery move, and doesn't cause any damage, although Sonic can use it to get close to foes in the air and pummel them. Unlike in Smash, the spring instantly disappears once used, and it cannot be interacted with by other characters not does it fall and cause damage.

Down Special Move: Spin Dash
From Sonic 2, this move has Sonic roll up into a ball and charge up...depending on how long you charge up, Sonic then rolls across the field at a different speed and distance, sending foes he runs into flying skyward. Unlike in Smash, you can't change the direction Sonic's moving in once the move is unleashed, and to cancel it all you simply need to do is jump out of it. It's easier to control as well, so you probably won't end up flinging yourself off the end of the stage.

Entrance: Sonic dashes onto the screen, suddenly coming to a skidding halt.

Taunt: Sonic does his famous "I'm waiting!" animation from Sonic 1 where he taps his foot and yawns.

Win Pose: Sonic does the "finger wag" victory animation from Sonic 3 when he cleared a level. The Stage Clear! from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 plays.

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