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What I think about the current 649 Pokemon: "A" Pokemon

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Quick paragraphs (or more) about what I think about each Pokemon, such as designs, typing, basis, popularity, etc. Just opinions, but love comments, criticisms, or answers for any questions I ponder. I'm doing them in alphabetical order (because of XY, you see), and because my mind is free thinking more so when I'm not grouping them by type or Generation.

Abomasnow: Despite its rather unfortunate type combination, Abomasnow is perhaps one of my favorite stand-alone Gen IV Pokemon, the merging of an evergreen tree with the abominable snowman being a creative, yet intuitive, way to merge the Grass and Ice types together. There's no question what Type Combination this Pokemon is simply by looking at it, it's good at communicating its inspiration.

Abra: One of the first Gen I Pokemon that probably stumped players back in the day in terms of what it was, I don't think anyone quite knows what Gamefreak was going for. It's a pretty weird Pokemon beyond design, as everyone of course recalls its habit of teleporting away from you when going in for the catch, or, god forbid, you encounter a Shiny Abra. Most people seem to think nowadays its meant to be a Kitsune, explaining its magical powers, but I always saw the line being inspired by goat-like demons. Some people may claim that the best Pokemon are ones based on decidedly certain creatures, but ones that make people think are just as good in my book.

Absol: A Gen III favorite among many, it's probably due to the fact it adheres to a canine/feline "coolness" factor, like a missing Eeveelution. Personally, these kind of Pokemon don't do much for me, and I always saw it as kind of a rather pandering Pokemon to impress the part of the audience who likes mystic, "dark" Pokemon, but I did enjoy it in Movie 6. And I like the yin-yang pattern its head forms. Um, inspiration, their's a lot of mythical animals I've seen it linked to, and, like Abra, I always saw it as some sort of demon-goat. I also enjoy the little backstory of it, with it warning people of disasters yet being mistaken for causing them.

Accelgor: A really solid design...a ninja snail with elements of an auto-racer, some say, and partially a Kamen Rider theme with the scarf and the episode of the anime which played up that Tokusatsu element (and aired during the 40th anniversary of said series)...who also benefits from having one of the cooler evolution methods in the game along with Escavalier. I kind of wish it was Bug/Fighting, Bug/Dark or Bug/Poison to accentuate the Ninja-theme, however.

Aerodactyl: The definitive "Fossil Pokemon", in my mind, it exceeded Omanyte and Kabuto in popularity and coolness because it represented an animal that far more kids were familliar with compared to an ammonite or horseshoe crab. It also didn't hurt that it looks like Charizard, too, with many fans remembering the battle between them in the show. I like Aero a bit better, to be honest, because he's not as whored out in my view.

Aggron: Giant, metallic triceratops monster? Not too bad, and also one of the more grounded Hoenn-evolutions, with the three forms being logical expansions of the theme and design without sudden color shifts. Can't say anything bad about it, but I can't say it's one of my top favorites either, because it plays things too safe for my taste. Bulbapedia claims it may be based off a "Pulgasari", some Korean metal-eating monster, but the only pictures of the creature are from an old, Godzilla-esque film. We've actually have quite a few Pokemon inspired by "rubber suit giant monsters", but the Pulgasari and Aggron don't really look alike at all, so it's probably a coincidence.

Aipom: One of the many Gen II Pokemon who were (at first), very weak yet charming due to being goofy and lovable looking, what's not to like about a spider-monkey with a hand for a tail? Probably one of the most infectious smiles in Pokemon as well.

Alakazam: Weird as fuck, with a huge mustache and inexplicably wielding human silverware? Alakazam is one of those Pokemon I feel gained a lot of its popularity due to its power, being probably the second strongest non-Legendary Gen I Pokemon thanks to its amazing speed and being a Psychic-type. I actually like it designs, but I don't think it'd be remembered as fondly if it sucked since it's pretty bizarre.

Alomomola: There's been a few Pokemon mistaken for evolutions of pre-existing Pokemon in the past, such as Drapion being Gligar's evolution, and Bouffalant being an evolution of Tauros, but Alomomola was the first time I felt that Gamefreak knew what they were doing when they made it. I actually strongly dislike it. It's a better design and stronger than Luvdisc, but damn, Luvdisc IS the heart-shaped fish. Alomomola is just a pretender to the throne.

Altaria: Beautiful but ultimately boring. Dragon/Flying might weird people out, but its Japanese name is based on Tyl, a star in the Draco constellation, which also ties it to a Belgium Play called the "Blue Bird" which featured a character named Tyltyl looking for a blue bird. That's kind of a weird reference to be honest...there was actually a Sinnoh episode that referenced the play as well, but no Altaria appeared bizarrely enough. I would've liked it better if they made it Ice/Flying, a non-Legendary version of Articuno I feel.

Ambipom: This Pokemon conflicts me. If you followed the anime in Gen III, you knew an Aipom evolution was coming since Ash caught one mere months before Gen IV came out (and now it looks like Sableye may be pulling the same stunt)...but no one expected this. An Aipom evolution having two tail-hands instead of one makes sense...but then, red udder fingers, the weird mustache thing? Yet, it still maintains an infectious smile, and I love the haircut. It's fucking weird, yet not an illogical evolution of Aipom.

Amoongus: Classic dub-name with it and its evolution, is the first thing I'll say about it. The second? I've seen people dislike it for its Pokeball motif, claiming it's basically a walking advertisement. I...guess? I don't really see this Pokemon and think of a corporate shill. And third, people mention how it looks disturbingly like a penis. Well, that makes sense, though, because mushrooms do resemble penises. I like the dude though, simply because of how weird he looks...I always imagine Amoongus hanging out in an alley-way, wiggling around and trying to entice random passerbys to partake in some sick, twisted sexual acts. Or hold out his arms and display a cavalcade of counterfeit Rolexes . Of course, as his Japanese name hints (like..."to be found out"), his disguise is comically shallow.

Ampharos: It's...a weird evolution. I like Ampharos, but not as an evolution of the Mareep-line, which I always wish got another evolution that carried on the sheep motif. I get that he's perhaps a reference to a "shaved sheep", but still...anyway, his Japanese name (Denryu) hints that perhaps he's meant to be a dragon or something, yet doesn't learn any Dragon-type moves, so more likely it's "denryuu", electrical current. That's probably be a better name for a REAL Electric/Dragon type, but alas. This Pokemon weirds me out, especially with the older, beady-eyed sprites.

Anorith: An anomalocaris, an animal I first learned about from another 'Mon Series, Digimon. Um...what to say? Well, like quite a few Hoenn Pokemon, it has a Gen 1 Counterpart, Kabuto, as both go for the "fake eye" bit and based on similar, prehistoric arthropods. Whenever I see Anorith, it still takes me a few minutes to focus on its real eyes as my vision always focuses on the red fake eyes. So I guess that's a good design on Gamefreak's part. Even though it obviously has nothing to do with them, the little feathers always give me a Native American vibe.

Arbok: CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABOK! Everyone remembers it from the Anime, of course, and for good reason...it's a bad-ass cobra. Even without the neat facial markings, which they change-up from time to time (hopefully in Gen VI, since Gen V reused IV's despite being distant regions), it'd still be a pretty visually striking Pokemon. It's pretty bad-ass, as it mixes up two different types of snakes, constrictors and ones that utilize poison, into one powerful killing machine...uh, I guess? Does anyone use Arbok competitively? Seems like a Pokemon whose appearance far outweighs its actual power.

Arcanine: A Pokemon a LOT of people love. A Fire-type (always a fan favorite), a dog, and decently powerful and speedy, what's not to love? It's even an unofficial Legendary Pokemon, for some reason, probably just because it's based off a Legendary Japanese creature, the shisa. I actually find it rather boring...not a bad design, but I don't much care for "beautiful" canine/feline/dragon creatures.

Arceus: The God of Pokemon...for now. A lot of people were upset when it came out, as it conflicted the canon of Mew being the ancestor of all Pokemon, but, well, does it? Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon in the same way the Christian canon claims Adam and Eve are the ancestors of all humans, yet there was a higher God that created them. Plus, since Gen II we had Legendary Pokemon coming out that raised the stakes more and more when it came to Legendary Powers, Arceus seems like a natural point to reach. Most people dislike its design, and I imagine they expected the God Pokemon to adhere to more Western interpretations, a humanoid, bearded figure. I kind of LIKE how Arceus looks myself, because it looks majestic and otherworldly, yet also rather bizarre and inconceivable in terms of what it's meant to be, exactly, which works for an Easter-like God. Of course you can also accept that Arceus is simply a powerful Pokemon, and the myths of its Godhood are simply that, myths. I'm interested to see if they'll revisit Arceus in future Gens and explore its role as a God more, as right now the "Complete Dragon" of Gen V seems to be the focus, and honestly seems like it may give Arceus a run for its money.

Archen: A nod towards the belief that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and probably included due to the recent scientific findings that suggested all the dinosaurs, despite what Jurassic Park indicated, likely had various feathers on their bodies. And the Archaeopteryx, a popular idea for fan-made Pokemon since, well, forever.

Archeops: Same deal as its pre-evolution, yet also looks far more "dinosaur" than it, when it seems like it'd be the reverse? You think it'd gain a beak, not lose it, if it was becoming a true bird but, eh, at least it can now fly? Also, its Ability...it was originally called Timid, which confuses me, as I don't get why this Pokemon was given that ability. I get it from a gameplay standpoint...giving it a disadvantage along with its great stats...but why do that in the first place? Slaking and Truant made sense thematically, but I don't get the relationship between "ancient dino-bird" and timidness. Also, I've seen people complain that this Pokemon has too many colors, which seems like an odd complaint to levy against a Pokemon based off a creature that, in all pictures of it I've seen, has had vibrant, multi-colored feathers. I can understand the "over colored" complaint when it's on a creature that's dully-colored in real life, but here it's really a case of missing the point.

Ariados: Ariados, Gyrados...when I was younger, I always wondered if there was an implied relationship between these two (I was smart enough to know that it wasn't "two" like with Zapdos), but, nope, that's stupid. Anyway, it's a cool poisonous spider, but only has four legs which bug me(those two things on its back aren't legs really if they don't actually work as legs), and I've seen some...special...individuals claim that it's actually meant to be some kind of ant that's mimicking a spider. But really, it's probably an artistic choice, as there are plenty of Pokemon that take biological liberties. Oh, and like Spinarak, it's got a face on its back since it's based on spiders in real life with similar features.

Armaldo: It's actually a very solid design, one that I appreciate whenever I take the time to look at it, yet it's also a Pokemon I've never used, and forget about most of the time. I covered most of what I wanted to say with Anorith, but it carries on the Kabuto-Kabutops thing by going from a relatively realistic interpretation to a saurian, "fantasy" style, which I don't mind one bit. They need to give this dude more Water-type moves, and the ability to Surf, though, since it's based off an aquatic animal and looks like it could glide through the water too. The dude's front sprite also looks the same basically since Gen III...like, I can't see any big differences at all between the III and V except for a sharper body slightly and lighter color. The Morrigan of Pokemon?

Aron: Did you know it's the only Pokemon with a name that's an anagram of a berry, in this case Oran Berry? For Gen 3, it's a rather simplistic design with only three colors to it, and its evolutions also are rather Gen-1 jumps in terms of how much it changes. Also, it kind of looks like a young Glalie, and the two Pokemon even have identical shinies as both of their eyes change to red. I bet there's people out there who think Glalie is another Butterfree situation, meant to be related to Aron since it looks more like it than it does Snorunt.

Articuno: The first Legendary Bird (wait...cuno...uno...one...oh, I get it), it's...well, the Legendary Birds are classic Gen 1. Decent, elegant designs, yet not much to say about them beyond the surface. Articuno got mistaken for Ho-Oh once, so there's that? I consider it to be the most popular Legendary Bird, though, since I see it far more than the other two. Maybe because of the Mind Reader + Sheer Cold combo, the only Pokemon currently bar Smeargle who can pull off a 100% Accuracy OHKO Combo?

Audino: A nice dub names which more or less preserves the intent of its Japanese name, "maybe", it's a very interesting Pokemon since it can pop up in any patch of grass in Black and White, and also provides great EXP leading people to, well, purposefully hunt these guys down and beat them up. It's also a parallel to Chansey...and carries out the nurse motif as well, as its body resembles a little nurse coat and, even cooler, its ears can be used as stethoscopes. It's kind of a doughy, clunky looking Pokemon with a fat chin, and if not for its use as a training tool, I doubt anyone would care for it. Actually, does beating it up for EXP constitute caring?

Axew: Or Namakusa, as it was called for quite awhile when its picture leaked on some anime character sheets, is perhaps the cutest 1st-form Dragon ever. The anime version is also extremely cute, more so in Japan thanks to the "Kiba kiba!" noise it makes. Overall, a nice design...but I don't quite get the weird bandanna it seems to be wearing.

Azelf: A member of the Lake Trio, perhaps the dullest looking Trio in existence. Their motifs, gifting humans the ability of various "senses" (knowledge, emotions, willpower", and the possible link to the Japanese Regalia, are kind of neat, but man, giving them rather identical, and simple, designs was kind of a let-down. In fact, I believe when Azelf was first seen in low-res pictures, Pokebeach claimed it was Mew wearing a hat. Seriously. I think Azelf is the coolest, for what it's worth, as its head looks less goofy than Uxie's weird brain-hat, and Mesprit's udders.

Azumarill: I got a lot to say about Marill. I got a lot to say about Azurill. But this? There's...nothing really to say. A Pokemon I can't think of any positive or negative for it. Oh, why does the line have Pure Power (Muscleman in Japan) as an ability? Maybe there's some pun going on in the raw Japanese name, chikaramochi.

Azurill: It bugs me how the names go "azu", "mar", and back to "azu". Anyway, it was the first Baby Pokemon revealed for Gen III, and the only one besides Wynaut, and, well, it's pretty pathetic. I do like how they incorporate the line's "flotation" tail motif by having it serve as Azurill's beach-ball, but there's two other things that stand out. First of all, it goes from Normal - Water, for no real reason, and bar Eevee, the only Pokemon to completely change types upon evolution. Second of all it, but not its evolved forms, is 75% female...and even worse, it may actually change genders upon evolution due to this. I've heard rumors that its in-game data was originally Clefairy or Cleffa, explaining the type and gender split, and they left that as is when they added in Azurill. I don't know why that would happen, but it does explain things. Also...Sugimori Art and Gen V it's crying in terror, yet it's smiling everywhere else. What's up with that?

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  1. Murkmire's Avatar
    I liked your Arbok entry. <3
  2. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    A badass monster is too safe of a design? Just because people like reptiles doesn't mean they are trite and I don't think there is such a thing as a design for a pokemon being too safe especially since shonen anime and action cartoon tend to show heavy opponents incredibly incompetent
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    Also, its Ability...it was originally called Timid, which confuses me, as I don't get why this Pokemon was given that ability. I get it from a gameplay standpoint...giving it a disadvantage along with its great stats...but why do that in the first place?
    There was a funny comic about this, which I unfortunately can't find anymore. It depicted Archen as a Pokemon bullied by other fossil Pokes; so it trained itself to become incredibly strong and show up the Aerodactyl that picked on it. Unfortuantely, the emotional scars run deep, and the bright colors and strength only hid its inferiority complex.
  4. Garren's Avatar
    I think I remember that...was it one of those "4koma" comics released around Black and White coming out in Japan?

    Before Black and White, I had an idea for an Archaeopteryx Pokemon (and posted a blog about it in fact) that actually had a totally different ability where it grew STRONGER when hit, as when hit by a super-effective type it'd become immune to that type.
  5. Sweet Veil's Avatar
    I really wanna read that comic!

    Agreed about Axew and Archen.


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