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So, they revealed the "XBox 1" Today...

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Didn't even know they were doing this.

You know, I'm not super-thrilled about my Wii-U...but I'm glad it doesn't have the DRM-stuff the next Xbox has where you have to rebuy games to use them on another console. :/

Hopefully E3 makes my Wii U worth it.

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  1. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    Xbox One less console for me to buy.

    Seriously, though, the presentation was bad, and not only does it have no advantage over the PS4, but it has several disadvantages, requiring Kinect and having to connect to the Internet at least once every 24 hours. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft drops out of the console race at this point, even the Wii U is a better buy.
  2. Baf's Avatar
    @Bolt the Cat; Surely you would be surprised if such a big name as Xbox is suddenly decided "yeah, nah we cannae be arsed wi this anymare." Microsoft aren't going to drop out of the arms race because the number thing a business lives for is to be profitable. And One is going to be a success.

    I can't help but feel that people that say the Wii U is a better buy is reflecting buyers remorse onto others for their console choice. I don't think it is, the games and software do not interest, my horse is the PS4.
  3. flyingblueshellder's Avatar
    Hopefully E3 makes my Wii U worth it.
    I thought Nintendo wouldn't be at E3?
  4. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    @Fab; One's success is much less certain than you think. Ever since the rumors have surfaced of things like always online and anti used, gamers have almost universally expressed their dissatisfaction with the idea. And none of the console's strong points really make up for it. One is likely not going to be profitable except to the most diehard of Microsoft fans. Between Wii U and One, Wii U will likely be a much more attractive option because it will have a greater variety of games and isn't doing all of this bullshit. PS4 is still going to smoke them both, though.
    @stickerstaryoshi; They're not holding a traditional conference. They'll still be showing off new games at E3, you just need to watch Nintendo Direct to see them.
  5. Gaga's Avatar
    My predictions!

    Xbox One (Horrid name. Why name your 3rd console after what people associate with the first?) will sell very well in the US, like the 360 did. Their audience is the family room and they will get that audience. The 360 is now used more for general entertainment purposes than actual gaming and MS is capitalizing on that by pushing their next console as a super TiVo.

    WiiU (Equally horrid name. The name suggests it is an add on to the Wii, which I'm sure some people think it is) will sell well across the world (probably worse than the Xbox One in the west given the subpar sales it has gotten so far)
    but it will forever be known, like it's predecessor, as that console one only buys for great Nintendo exclusives and the occasional 3rd party gem.

    PS4 (Good name! Don't change it.) will sell extremely well in Japan, again, like it's predecessor. I have no idea if it will stand up well against the Xbox One outside of Japan, though. Still, even just Japan is a strong foothold for gaming.
    Updated 21st May 2013 at 11:37 PM by Gaga


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