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Smash Brothers 4 Roster: Ideas for Alternate Costumes

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Costumes: In the Wii U Version of Smash 4, every character (bar Paper Mario and Yarn Kirby due to their unique visual style) would have one unlockable Costume (unlocked through various tasks depending on the character) that they could wear in a Smash Battle, which would change their aesthetics more so than the simple Color Change. The Costumes, bar five exceptions, are Cosplay Outfits, with the characters dressing up as lesser/obscure Nintendo characters who didn't make the playable cut and thus being cute nods towards other Nintendo series. So, the Smashers don't become different characters, but rather dress up like them...think Halloween!

Costumes cannot be changed color-wise (although their tint changes slightly when they're on a tag-team), and the same character in-costume can't be used at once. Also, some Final Smashes will have the characters return to their normal version for the attack.

Oh, and characters having Costumes would not prevent the REAL characters from appearing as Assist Trophies. So, there's a Lip Cosplay for Yoshi, yet Lip would also be an AT.

Special Costumes: Mario, Marth, Pikachu, and Mewtwo all receive Special Costumes that are based on previous Smashers...Dr. Mario, Roy, Pichu, and Lucario. These Costumes are not simply "outfits", but actually intended to be the characters themselves more or less, with their own appearance and voices carried over from their previous appearances. Although they're still counted as Mario, Marth, Pikachu, and Mewtwo when it comes to the Winner Screen and all Gameplay Records. Gameplay wise, they play the same as the regular character, as opposed to how they were in Melee/Brawl, so it's still an aesthetic change. Mario, Marth, Pikachu, and Mewtwo do not receive other costumes.

*Link: Link cosplays as Prince Sable from For the Frog the Bell Tolls, a Japanese-only GB game that served as the model for Link's Awakening...and in fact a character from it cameo'd in the latter. Link's got on a princely outfit, and he's combed his hair too!

*Donkey Kong: One of the more...goofy cosplays, Donkey Kong is Doshin the Giant. But, for him, his outfit is a fully-yellow jumpsuit that covers everything but his mouth and ears. And he's got Doshin's ears and little patch of hair attached to his head as well.

*Kirby: Perhaps fittingly, Kirby would cosplay as Starfy from the Legendary Starfy. He's wearing a sewn-together star's pretty cute, but he really doesn't have to dress up much to look like Starfy. Oh, and his hats don't show while

*Yoshi: The ambiguous-gender Yoshi gets a costume that might fit one of the more decidedly female characters...Lip from Panel de Pon, which of course became a game starring Yoshi in the West. Yoshi gets a cute wig with a pink ribbon and a ponytail, a bright pink tutu around his stomach, and flowery boots! Pretty cute...but kind of creepy.

*Star Fox: The space-furry trades in his flight suit and laser gun for a good old fashioned cowboy hat, boots, gloves, scarf, belt, holster, and gun...cosplaying Dillon from The Rolling Western.

*Samus/ZSS: The two have their own unique cosplays based on another transforming Nintendo character...Captain Rainbow! Zero Suit Samus is dressed in a Hipster Ensemble based off Nick, Captain Rainbow's human form, complete with nerdy glasses and a hawaian t-shirt (kind of hot, though). Samus, on the other hand, has painted her suit bright rainbow and changed her helmet visor into stylish shades to look like Captain Rainbow.

*Ness: Well, this one is obvious...who else fights with bats and yo-yos? Mike Jones from Startropics! Ness has got on a stylish jean-jacket, and has slicked his hair up as well after removing his hat.

*Captain Falcon: The series have already been compared before within Melee's Big Blue level, but Captain Falcon cosplays as a fellow racer/bounty-hunter, the Mach Rider. Rather than using the black/white color scheme the Melee trophy displays, he's got the Red/Blue/White color scheme from the star screen.

*Jigglypuff: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! The Jigglypuff cosplays as J from Elite Beat Agents...complete with a snazzy black suit, and J's trademark pompadour. I chose the EBA over the Ouendan guys because the former are more well-known universally, and were included in Ouendan 2 as alternate costumes.

*Luigi: Luigi embraces his inner-ghost, and has used advanced neon-paint and other high-end cos-play science (developed by E. Gadd?) to cosplay as the ghostly John Raimi from Geist. He looks pretty freaky, neon-purple with glowing eyes and floating's a great costume.

*Peach: Peach cosplays as a character a certain group of people. She's dressed as Ayumi Tachibana from Famicom Tantei Club. Yup. Peach in a schoolgirl outfit. And Toad's got on a male high-school uniform as well to match.

*Bowser: King Koopa has another weird cosplay...his turtle shell has been replaced by an Excite Truck, the red truck Boulder. I...I couldn't think of any character for him, but then I realized having a truck on his back would be pretty amazing.

*Zelda/Sheik: Zelda and Sheik are dressed as the famous pair of Hikari/Donbe from Shin Onagashima. Zelda is, naturally, the beautiful priestess Hikari while the more agile Sheik is wearing a large green-wig and a tunic to resemble Donbe.

*Ice Climbers: There's a little bit of overlay between them and Balloon Fighter already so, well, the Ice Climbers are wearing the classic Balloon Fighter gear! Nana has the 2P reverse-color scheme, by the way.

*Falco: Falco curls his hair up into a "?" shape, gains some goggles on his head, and a pink neckerchief. And then has a yellow-tinted fishbowl space-helmet on over that. He's Kururin from Kuru Kuru Kururin! Another ridiculous costume, since Falco's head is meant to be Kururin's whole body. Oh, and his clothes are colors yellow/blue to resemble the Kururin copter too.

*Ganondorf: Ganondorf goes extremely casual for his cosplay, wearing a simple black shirt + pants combo as Raymond Bryce from Disaster Day of Crisis. They already got similar, lion-like hair styles.

*Mr. Game and Watch: Mr. Game and Watch paints himself white and looks like Sheriff from...Sheriff. Two western-themed alt. costumes then alongside Dillon.

*Diddy Kong: Diddy Kong cosplays as another character capable of flying with the help of jets and using guns...Saki from Sin and Punishment. Diddy Kong's got on Saki's cool yellow jumpsuit top, and has traded in his hat for a wig resembling Saki's 'do. Hey, why can't he dress up like a human character?

*Ike: Ike cosplays as Isaac from Golden Sun, but with an outfit that is based on his older form from Golden Sun DS...much more suited for the larger Ike.

*King DeDeDe: Wearing a (too-small) blue outfit and a rabbit-eared cap, DeDeDe is DeMille from Tomato Adventure. DeDeDeMille, you could say.

*Lucas: Lucas cosplays as Ray from Custom Robo, dressed in a cardboard-robot suit. This also pays homage to the Mask Man character in Mother 3 simultaneously.

*Meta Knight: Meta Knight sports a cool helmet + biker gloves for his cosplay of the Excite...biker? from Excitebike.

*Olimar: Olimar's helmet has been replaced by a goofy looking model of Chibi-Robo's head, whereas his little Pikmin buddies now have little Chibi-Robo heads as well. Hmm...Olimar commanding a herd of Chibi-Robo would make for an interesting game.

*Pit: Pit borrows the outfit of another Greek hero, Heracles' styling metallic armor from Glory of Heracles. Of course, Pit's wings still come through the armor.

*Pokemon Trainer: Red cosplays as Hunter (the PC) from Fossil Fighters, rather fittingly since the series borrows from Pokemon. Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur also are decorated with face paint to resemble the markings of the Fossil Fighters' dinosaurs.

*Rob: R.O.B. isn't based off a character, but instead now is constructed from pieces of the Virtual Boy, both being forgotten Nintendo products.

*Toon Link: Toon Link cosplays as Pockle from Giftpia, a GCN game that was cel-shaded like Wind Waker. Link wears his clothes, and has even styled his hair in the unique flavor of Pockle as well.

*Wario: Wario has three costumes, his normal, his Wario Land one from Brawl, and the yellow gumshoe suit based on the star of Gumshoe for the NES, Mr. Stevenson.

*Wolf: Wolf takes on a comical costume, wearing a goofy Tom Nook mask from Animal Crossing, and having a blue-jump suit decorated with Tom Nook's half-leaf logo.

*Takamaru: Takamaru cosplays as his fellow samurai, Sakura Samurai, changing up his ponytail...and his sword now has some Sakura petals coming out as well.

*Little Mac: Little Mac dressed up as Sukapon from Joy Mecha Fight...he's wearing a Styrofoam headguard that resembles Sukapon's head, and pink gloves/boots to match. Doc Louis cosplays as well as a scientist, Dr. Emon from Joy Mecha.

*Shulk: Shulk wears Andy's red-jumpsuit from Advance Wars, fitting since he's a mechanic and everything as well as a part-time soldier.

*Barbara Bat: Barabara's cosplay doesn't represent another character per say, but she's got on a magician costume referencing Master of Illusion, which she cameo'd in.

*Tingle: The game's troll character cosplays as the original Nintendo troll, sporting a costume of...the Dog from Duck Hunt! He even gets a unique taunt in-costume where he does the famous laugh.

*Mallo: He wears a roundish pink Bubbles outfit from Clu Clu Land that obscures his entire body.

*King K. Rool: He's got samurai armor for his role as Yamanouchi Kagetora, the main general from Odama for the GCN. His crown-throw attack has him tossing his horns from his helmet now, and his cannonballs now have the Odama sign on them.

*Ridley: Ridley is dressed up as...THE DEVIL...from Devil World. His model is a bit unsuited for an actual costume, so instead his colors change to resemble the Devil (aka the anime character Devil Man basically), including his red briefs, skull necklace, and gloves.

*Medusa: Medusa dies her hair white, and wears a...plain red/white t-shirt? She's Ashley from Another Code! Pretty cute for Medusa.

*Genesect: Genesect's cosplays as the Drill Dozer, his face and color-scheme being altered to match the machine and his claws looking like drills. Oh, and he has a fake-looking Jill doll hanging on his back for added effect.

Third Party Costumes: The Third Party characters don't get costumes based off Nintendo characters, obviously, but instead costumes that represent other series from their Companies that have history on Nintendo. Sonic wears a costume based on NiGHTS that covers his spikes and body, Mega Man wears Ryu's gi and headband from Street Fighter, Bomberman wears a wig and outfit based off Goemon from Mystical Ninja, and Pac-Man has Kloanoa's hat and pasted-on Kloanoa ears.

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  1. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    isn't mike jones a pokemon?
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    That changes characters' sizes though, and therefore hitboxes, making this unrealistic to ever become reality. They're not exactly the same character anymore if one is slightly taller than the other making him easier to hit.
  3. Garren's Avatar
    Really? I think that they could easily make the costumes not influence hitbox sizes and such, since most of the costumes are just "pasted" onto the character models.
  4. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    Pit's alt wouldn't be Dark Pit?
  5. Kree's Avatar
    ^ You mean Pittoo?
  6. Garren's Avatar
    Dark Pit is already included as a color swap.

    These are actual costumes I was thinking of, like the kind you see in Street Fighter and Dissidia.


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