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SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 3: Amy Rose's Moveset

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Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog CD (SEGA CD '93)

Once a mere damsel-in-distress, in recent years Amy Rose has grown into a Sonic Hero of her own...and now she enters the Dream Fight alongside Sonic. Her dream? Well, to make Sonic fall in love with her. Surely beating him in a large tournament full of Sega Mascots will accomplish that goal, right? She brings a more powerful female presence to SEGA The Dream Fighters alongside Alis and Ulala as well.

Unlike Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, Amy doesn't attack with physical attacks using her body, but instead relies on her trusty Piko Piko Hammer which she carries around with her at all times. Not as fast as her friends, her hammer gives her increased range and thus she's a great close-up fighter able to hold her own, even better than the boys.

Design wise, Amy's outfit is based on her Sonic Adventure look, but with her classic CD proportions more-so. She like the other Sonic characters does not talk, instead simply uses sound effects from Sonic Adventure.

Size wise, as mentioned before, Amy's hammer weighs her down quite a bit...she's surprisingly heavy, more so than even Knuckles. She's not a heavy-weight by any means, but she certainly isn't knocked away that easily. Height wise, she's about the same size as Sonic, maybe a hair shorter.

In terms of speed, Amy is slower than her friends, but not by too much...she slightly trails behind Tails, but overall is pretty fast on her feet. Once more, her hammer means that she falls faster.

Recovery is perhaps one of Amy's weaker points...she has two weak jumps, and a decent Special Recovery Move, but overall has a bit of difficulty getting back to the stage if she ends up getting knocked away too far. But her recovery certainly isn't bad, as her Standard Special Move also allows her to gain some horizontal recovery.

In terms of normal moves, Amy exclusively uses her hammer. She hits relatively fast and strong, making her a great melee fighter able to clear out groups of opponents with ease. Some of her attacks have a bit of lag after they finish though leaving her a bit vulnerable, but this is usually off-set by the fact she can knock foes far away enough in order to have time to recover.

Amy's weaker point is her grab game...she uses her arms to grab, and doesn't have a long reach. And her throws have her comically giving the opponent a kiss, which doesn't do too much damage. Really, her grabs can be pretty much ignored in favor of using her hammer.

Standard Special Move: Hammer Spin
A charge-up move, Amy holds her hammer up behind her and begins to slowly charge up pink energy in it...while doing so, she can slightly move left and right. By releasing the Special Button, Amy then begins to quickly spin around with her hammer, the duration based on how long the move was charged. While spinning, Amy can move forwards and backwards---foes hit by the hammer are whacked pretty far. If she spins off the edge of a platform, she slightly hovers a bit as she falls through the air horizontally.

The aerial version of this move is slightly different, as Amy doesn't charge...instead she spins her hammer around for about two rotations, and while doing so, her descent is slightly slowed. The damage dealt by the hammer is still the same, however.

Up Special Move: Flicky
A non-offensive recovery move, Amy summons the Flicky she befriended in Sonic Adventure to help her out. The friendly Flicky will briefly carry Amy up through the air, before dropping her down. It's mainly a vertical recovery, but you can slightly control Flicky's horizontal movement. The plus-side is that Amy does not default to her fall state, rather she can continue to attack, but she cannot jump any more, nor summon Flicky again till she touches the ground.

Down Special Move: Hammer Jump
When used on the ground, Amy slams the ground in front of her with her hammer---any foe hit by this is of course hurt---and uses the hammer to spring herself in an arc movement through the air. It's a great way to quickly move around the stage safely, as while jumping, Amy spins her hammer around her vertically. Any foe hit by the hammer, depending on at what point, will either be knocked into the air or knocked down into the ground.

If Amy is already in the air when she uses this move, it works basically the same, she just doesn't get the initial jump from it since she's already in the air. Furthermore she moves a bit slower as she doesn't get the initial acceleration from the jump.

Strongest Move: E-102 Gamma
Bar Type: Balanced Offensive. It fills up at a moderate speed as Amy inflicts damage to the foes.
A "summon" type Strongest Move, E-102 Gamma returns to protect his friend! Appearing directly in front of Amy, Gamma locks on the other players and fires homing missiles at them! The missiles start off moving slowly, but quickly pick up speed as they near their's possible to dodge them, of course, but can be quite difficult. When they hit a target, they explode, sending the target flying. It's a pretty powerful move overall.

Entrance: Amy pulls up in her car from Sonic R, and hops out.

Taunt: Amy blows a kiss towards the camera. There's a secret to this taunt, however...if Sonic is next to her, she'll kiss him like she did in Sonic CD, briefly stunning him.

Win Pose: Amy does her Win Pose from Sonic Adventure, as the Sonic Adventure "Stage Clear" music plays.

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