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Rusty Shackleford's Non-Linear One-on-One Top Ten Worst Designs of Gen V Part 2

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When Gamefreak announced that Generation V would contain no new Pokemon, most people assumed that we would get quite a bit of new Pokemon who would replace the older Pokemon in terms of design and gameplay and, indeed, this was true.

Roggenrola took the place of Geodude.

Drilbur took over the role of mole Pokemon from Diglett.

And some Pokemon, such as Whimsicott, seemed to be inspired by multiple old Pokemon...this little fella, for example, draws inspiration from primarily the Hoppip family given their speed and similar method of transporation, with a slight sheep basis reminiscent of the Mareep family.

While some people my criticize Gamefreak for being a bit uncreative this Gen, they mentioned that because it was a new region, some niches needed to be filled, and thus some old ideas were reinvented. And, to be honest, the same animal inspiring multiple Pokemon is nothing new...and for every "copy" of an older Pokemon we got in Generation V, we got an equally unique Pokemon such as Cofagrigeous and Vanillite, Pokemon based off new ideas, new ideas which may have attracted some negative views, but new ideas nonetheless.

Furthermore, despite some of the new Pokemon occupying the same niche as their forefathers, they usually have some gameplay or aesthetic element to set them apart. Drilbur and Diglett may be both moles in basis, but they look completely different, one being an attempt to play a mole straight and giving it a drill motif, while the other is a more playful take on the Whack-A-Mole design, not to mention their different typings.

Yet Alomomola, despite getting points for being a palindrome, is probably the weakest of the rehash Pokemon, and one I feel can be rightfully criticized. When it was first revealed, not surprisingly, people immediately labeled it as a Luvdisc evolution, being that it was revealed before the infamous interview where Gamefreak stated that "no old Pokemon" would appear within Unova. At the time, however, people considered it was perhaps similar to Electivire, a Pokemon who was revealed in early release videos of DP, but was unavailable till the post-game. There were probably going to be post-game evolutions in Gen V as well, because Gamefreak wouldn't design a Pokemon that resembles Luvdisc that much and make it completely unrelated, right?

Wrong. Sure, in the past, fans have seen pre-release Pokemon and wrongly speculated they were related to older Pokemon, so this isn't unprecedented. People thought Drapion evolved from Gligar, and that Burmy was a new Pineco pre-evolution for example, but Alomomola takes that to a new level. I completely understand anyone who thought it would be a Luvdisc evolution, myself included, and don't fault anyone for thinking that.

Perhaps the main fault with Alomomola is not its design, because it isn't the worst one out there, but rather the fact that Gamefreak chose to rehash the one Pokemon considered to be the worst one ever by a majority of the fandom to the point that Alomomola isn't a Luvdisc evolution, it's basically a Luvdisc destroyer. Seriously, with its better stats, move-pool, and aesthetic design, Alomomola may as well replace Luvdisc entirely. In the Hoenn Remakes, I wouldn't be surprised if they slip Alomomola in in place of Luvdisc and just pretend the latter never existed. Yes, basically, I think that the one thing that hurts Alomomola the most for me is the fact it isn't a Luvdisc evolution. If it was, then I would have no problem with's a sensible evolution for Luvdisc to undergo and achieves what a good evolution should do, giving power to an underloved and underused Pokemon. Yet, as a standalone Pokemon, it does the completely overshadows a previous Pokemon, and that's one thing I don't like. You'll always have the competitive players saying that same-type Pokemon overshadow their weaker brethren, but even then there's usually an aesthetic difference between them that doesn't make the weaker one completely redundant in the grand scheme of the Pokemon World. Alomomola completely destroys any interest in Luvdisc fans may have had left, and that's just sad. I never cared for Luvdisc in any capacity...but now I pity it.

I guess then, perhaps, that a dislike for Alomomola may fuel a newfound respect for the little heart-shaped Pokemon then. So, maybe Alomomola isn't all hating it, we come to find out that maybe Luvdisc did indeed suck, and maybe we all hated it, but damn Gamefreak if they try to replace it. It worked hard to earns its place as the Number One Pokemon Punchline, and no imitator deserves to take its spot away from it!

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  1. Mitsuru's Avatar
    Not that I've been following the details religiously, but I thought the "no previous gen Pokémon" thing was announced after Alomomola was leaked.
  2. Garren's Avatar
    Hmm...I know it was close, but I think the video revealing Alomomola popped up like mere days before that announcement.

    But you may be right...either way, most people thought Masuda meant pre-E4, and that Alomomola was going to a post-E4 New Pokemon like Gen IV did. Or that the interview was mistranslated or something.
  3. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Go Luvdisc! Nothing can take the no.1 crappiest Pokemon away from you!
  4. Karpi's Avatar
    I think Imposterdisc is a more fitting name than Alomomola
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Or Hatedisc. Or Luvhands.

    @ GengarEatBanana: At least it's cuter than Stunfisk.
  6. sontoriginyu's Avatar
    pokemon black and white was fun to play but the game was way to linear (8 gyms in 9 routes) and the majority of pokemon were to parallel to previous others like u stated. then there were too many triple stagers. then there were pokemon whose designs were just off a little for my taste (gothitelle, stoutland, Reuniclus) to name a few. then there were pokemon who just didnt even need to be created (stunfisk, vanillite family, foongus)
    my hopes are a 6th generation with better all around pokemon.
  7. Reila's Avatar
    Whimsicott looks awesome to me.
  8. Ampharos King's Avatar
    It was a great read, but I feel the need to correct something you posted:

    "Drilbur and Diglett may be both moles in basis, but they look completely different, one being an attempt to play a mole straight and giving it a drill motif, while the other is a more playful take on the Whack-A-Mole design, not to mention their different typings."

    It may actually be hard to believe, but Drilbur actually has the same type as Diglett: pure Ground-type. When Drilbur evolves into an Excadrill, and its shovel-shaped claws transform into metal shovels, that is when the pokemon family gains the additional Steel-type. Dugtrio and Excadrill are technically "different" types (one has part-Steel type, the other does not), but their pre-evolutions have the same pure Ground-type.

    On a more positive note, I did enjoy your commentary on Alomomola. Though they do resemble each other, Alomomola has many glaring differences from its "counterpart" Luvdisc. This ranges from how each pokemon "should" be used, to each pokemon's base stat spreads in general. Alomomola's greatest base stat is HP whereas Luvdisc's is Speed (though many pokemon in this gen do outspeed Luvdisc).

    Luvdisc was never really meant to be used in battle, anyway. Up until a certain point, its only purpose was to provide Heart Scales that were necessary for move tutors to teach your pokemon "forgotten" moves. This was the case back in Gen III and Gen IV where they were fairly common to fish out on specific fishing spots, but Luvdisc is now becoming slightly more difficult to obtain using that same method in Gen V. Luvdisc will be fully obselete if the Heart Scales that half of its species provide and can be taken (either by catching or Thief'ing) will not be a pre-requisite for move tutors to "reteach" your pokemon.

    This is similar to Plusle and Minun and how they were never meant to be used in single battles. Their only purpose was to be used alongside other pokemon with their abilities (Plus or Minus) in battle. If it wasn't for this, both pokemon would be "obselete" right now, too. Pachirisu's base speed is well above either member of the duo while capable of learning Super Fang, Pikachu has a very large movepool and the Light Ball item, and Emolga has access to Flying-type attacks such as Acrobatics that can hit Grass-types. Each of these pokemon may be a copy of another, but they have very different and specific uses in battle.

    This was why I never really liked Gen III to begin with. Nearly half of the pokemon were weak, unevolved pokemon whose intended purposes were to "introduce" double battles. The other half includes fully evolved pokemon that suffer from 4X weaknesses (i.e. Pelipper, Camerupt, Flygon, Cacturne, etc.)

    Nevertheless, each pokemon has a specific niche and adds something new to the game. It is true that some of these "remade" pokemon cross the boundaries that their "older" counterparts nested. Alomomola isn't meant to be used in single battles, either. Its real niche is to serve as a bulky defense for rotational battles, or to assist an ally pokemon in regaining its HP or status conditions in competitive triple battles where most recovery items cannot be used.
    Updated 7th May 2011 at 10:29 AM by Ampharos King
  9. Baron Dante's Avatar
    Sheesh, they should've made Alomomomola into the evolution on it. It should have been easy even.

    Make Luvdisc into it's baby form (Thus, no breeding without special item), have it evolve via happiness, and give the item availalbe only post National. Also non-tradable or something. They can fix this still though. make an item for the 3rd game that does this. .
  10. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    nope alomomola is pretty good with wish
  11. Catilena1890's Avatar
    <.< >.>

    I hate stunfisk with a passion, KILL IT WITH FIRE

    Alomomola is a cheat. There is no way it can climb its way to the top just like that! Luvdisc worked hard to be the crappiest pokemon!


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