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The Official Female Cast Member Rankings

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by , 10th December 2013 at 02:03 PM (681 Views)
Jessie is number 1, because bad guys are always cooler, and she has awesome Pokemon like Seviper and Lickitung.

Iris is number 2, because I liked her abrasive personality (and how she riled up the the fans lol), design, and general attitude. Unfortunately she was a main character in the worst season ever perhaps, or rather the season with the most wasted potential I should say, which really hurt her, but count me on Team Iris. Hopefully her eventual return episode in XY, with better writing so far, is handled far better.

May is number 3, well, I liked the idea of her being a "female Ash" sort of (the dub played this up), something that was a bit more prominent in earlier episodes, but sort of went up and down as the series progressed, and having an actual goal that wasn't something extremely vague. I also liked her rivals Drew and Harley. Also Advanced was when I really got back into Pokemon after a Yu-Gi-Oh/Digimon phrase around Gold and Silver, so she's got nostalgic value for me despite being a fan since Gen I.

Dawn and Misty are tied for number 4, neither of them really made me feel any particular care. Dawn doesn't stand out much from May, she has weaker Rivals than May did, and Contests sort of fizzled out in Diamond and Pearl, except for the fact they had Jessie actually win them a few times which was great. And in Kanto Misty sort of always was just there to me, since I was more focused on Ash and Team Rocket. By Johto she had grown stale, and I think it was the correct decision to write her off, something they should've done with Brock at the same time.
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    I'd go with Misty > May > Iris > Dawn > Serena myself. That said, I can understand where you're coming from, and I respect that.

    I completely agree on Brock, though...I really don't think he was TOO bad in AG because there he had some decent interactions with Max, actually battled a lot more than in DP and was generally a more active and interesting participant in that quartet despite losing some of the charm he had in OS, but in DP...-__-...I don't want to get started on him there.

    Speaking of May being a "female Ash"...I only see that with her 4Kids' dub voice actress being shared with Ash's to an extent-- there are a LOT of differences between the two, actually-- notice how May was a lot more shy, reserved, and generally a lot more bubbly, fashion-esque, and such as opposed to the more rowdy, stubborn, hot-headed Ash, for instance. I always felt that the role of a "female Ash" was taken on more by Dawn than anyone else, and that's kind of what brought Dawn's appeal down for me in the anime.

    I wish Dawn was her own character moreso and less another Ash, so to speak: that really kind of killed the DP group...err...chemistry (if you can really even call it that, tbh) for me with Brock.

    As for Jessie...meh, I honestly can't stand her, James, or Meowth these days...however, I would say she's still better than Dawn or Serena to me, though, overall. I thought a LOT more highly of her back in the OS: I'm not sure what's happened along the way to her, but I don't like it.
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