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My Updated Smash Brothers 4 Roster Speculation

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Rethought it out recently, reducing the amount of New Characters to a more likely 15 (Brawl had 16 individual character models, while my new suggestion don't have any multi-modeled characters) based on some recent happenings in the Nintendo Verse.

This is for you, Ghetsis-Dennis!

Removed Characters

*Lucario - Pokemon Series: Let's face it, Lucario was a flash in the pan included due to his role as Gen IV's "mascot", so, I think he'll be gone since we're in Gen V, and probably still will be, when Smash 4 is being developed. So he's dropped. His removal also is based on my speculation for another, far more popular Pokemon character. And this speculation is coming from a guy whose favorite Brawler was Lucario, so nothing against the character, just being realistic.

*Snake - Metal Gear Series: Simply because it seems like Kojima wants to kill off Solid Snake, and I feel like Snake was more of a one-time-guest character rather than a permanent Smash fixture. Metal Gear is focusing on Raiden now, with him appearing in PlayStation All Stars, so I think it'd be kind of weird if we also have Snake appearing in Smash 4. He'd be replaced by another, far more Nintendo-suitable character from Konami (sort of) though.

Returning Characters

* All 34 (37 if counting the three Pokemon and Sheik) Brawlers, bar the two above, would return. They'd all have the usual changes and such, visual and game-play, such as Link getting his Skyward Sword design and some of his newfound athleticism, Mario losing FLUDD in exchange for a Galaxy-style spin, and Pit now being much more talkative with Antony Del Rio reprising his role from Uprising.

*Mewtwo - Pokemon Series: My idea for Smash 4 would be "Showdown", a conflict between all the Heroes and Villains of the Nintendo Verse, thus I thought it'd be fitting to bring back Pokemon's Big Bad, Mewtwo. Okay, Mewtwo's not "evil", but he's certainly got a kind of vicious nature to him that fits alongside Bowser and Ganondorf, so he works. He'd reclaim his roster spot from Lucario, and he'd be revamped to be better than his sucky Melee version, reversely borrowing elements from Lucario's play-style. Lucario would be Mewtwo's unlockable Alternate Costume, however.

* Every character would have one alternate costume unlocked in-game, like with Wario in Brawl, which would change their superficial appearance and, in some cases, their voice while maintaining their game-play style. Some would be simply costumes, others would be completely different characters basically. This would include "Lost Characters". Marth's Alternate would be Roy, Pikachu's would be Pichu (a little bigger to match Pikachu's size, and lacking the self-harm mechanic), Mewtwo would have Lucario, and Mario would have Dr. Mario. So, EVERY SMASH BROTHER, bar Snake, would be included in some form.

New Series Characters

*Takamaru - Murasame Series: Takamaru is a shoe-in. Has had various cameos in Captain Rainbow and Samurai Warriors recently, was a well-requested character for Brawl, and has his own game in Nintendo Land, officially introducing him to the Western world.

Takamaru would be a "Stance" Character like Gen in Street Fighter, able to switch between a sword style, and a ninja style, like how he changed his weapon in his own game depending on the distance between himself and his foe. Sword style is for up-close combat, while his Ninja Style throws shurikens from afar and shocks the foe with his powerful Lightning Scroll.

*Little Mac - Punch Out Series: Little Mac is a shoe-in too, very popular and had a AT in Brawl, had a cameo in Captain Rainbow and, most importantly, Punch Out got a well-received revival recently. He also complements Takamaru well, being a classic NES character from a Western-aimed series while Takamaru represents the East.

A close-combat character, instead of a shield, he has a Boxer-style block allowing him to shuffle around while defending his front-side. By countering moves with his Counter Special Move, he gains Stars which power up his other Specials including the classic Star Uppercut. Oh, and in the background of every stage, Doc Louis is always there to cheer Mac to victory!

*Shulk - Xenoblade Series: Nintendo officially bought Monolith Soft after the Baten Kaitos series so that makes Xenoblade, as far as I can tell, officially a 1st-Party Series and eligible for Smash Brothers. And being one of the most popular JRPGs in recent memory, including the main character seems like an obvious choice. Originally Isaac from Golden Sun was my choice for Sword-Wielding RPG Hero, but Golden Sun DS kind of sucked, and getting the music and scenery from Xenoblade into Smash Brothers would rock. So, Shulk it is!

A heavy-weight swordsman like Ike, but a bit more nimble his Monado charges up during battle, and, until it charges, Shulk has no Neutral B-Special. But once the Monado charges, Shulk can activate it with B, and either use a super-powerful Monado Buster attack, or temporarily buff either his Power, Speed, or Defense, like he does in Xenoblade. He's kind of weak pre-buffed, but once he gets buff, he can quickly turn the tide, so playing as him revolves around patience and timing.

*Barbara Bat - Jam With the Band Series: I wanted a Female character, and originally my choice was Drill Dozer's Jill due to the possibility of it being released on the 3DS ESHOP, and HarmoKnight possibly inspiring GameFreak to revive one of their non-Pokemon series. But then Nintendo Direct came, and a new Band Brothers was announced. Barbara is a popular character in Japan, and is different from Nintendo's usual breed of female so she contrasts nicely against the proper princess characters as a hipper female character.

Her gameplay would involve dancing, with her having a bunch of dance-inspired normal moves she could quickly chain together. Her Specials are all really fast acting moves she can quickly chain off her normal moves (and the effects of her Specials would change depending on what move they're chained to) making her a really fast character to play as. But her moves would be weak, so it'd be about chaining the most moves to rack up damage quicker as opposed to using hard-hitting attacks.

*Tingle - Tingle Series: Tingle has pretty much disappeared from the main Zelda Series, yet has had three game of his own, and I could see another one in the future as well. So...why not give him his own series like Yoshi? A lot of people hate Tingle, but I think he's a pretty cool dude, and would love to see him playable.

He's a joke character, with an interesting mechanic...when he causes damage, or is hurt, the amount of Rupees he has goes up or down, along with his normal Damage Percentage count. The knock back his attacks do aren't influence by the opponent's damage, but rather the more rupees he has, the stronger his knock back. His Specials are influenced by his Rupee count, some using them up, others being stronger based on how many you have. He's really weak though, but he'd be one of those hard-to-master secretly good characters you see in other fighting games.

*Mallo - Pushmo Series: Seeing Fat Princess in PSA made me realized Nintendo including one of their recent down-loadable characters would be pretty've got Dillon, Sakura Samurai, and Mallo. Takamaru is a more notable samurai than Sakura Samurai, and Dillon seems a bit like Sonic, so I went with Mallo. It helps that Pushmo was very well-received and is already getting a sequel as well, and I wanted a character from a puzzle game (Lip and Muddy Mole were other choices).

Mallo can basically manipulate the background by pushing in blocks of the background (to hide in), or pull them out to make platforms and shields. Mallo can also grab onto a block, and flip to the other side of it, and if you let go, he flies through the air from the force. Besides that, Mallo uses sumo wrestling moves, so to use him well, you'll wanna manipulate the blocks to your advantage to make it harder for foes to reach you.

Returning Series Characters

*King K. Rool - Donkey Kong Series: Okay, he wasn't in DKCR, but he could still be in a sequel. But regardless, King K. Rool is a well-known and wanted villain. Sakurai said that they couldn't decide on a move-set for K. Rool, but I think he'd be easy to make on for is they went for a simple play style.

Basically, K. Rool complements DK by being a heavy, but fast, character who despite his size can move around quickly, like how he was surprisingly nimble in DKC. He's more long-range, however, with a crown throw, cannon balls, and a long jump. Like DK, he can also move heavy boxes and crates without losing speed.

*Ridley - Metroid Series: I know, TOO BIG, but I don't see why they can't change Ridley's design a bit to fit. He's the last big Nintendo villain, and it's time to see him shine. Plus, Other M presents a way to explain the smaller size...he's a clone of Ridley still growing. Or something. But I hope with better hardware they can get him in somehow.

Ridley would be a light-heavyweight character who crawls on all fours (his wings folded in, resembling the Mid-Stage from Other M), and is usually slow. However, for brief moments of time, he can take to the air, making him much faster, and changing up his moveset a bit. So, you'd balance out his time in the air and time on ground (as you'd have to recharge before he can fly again) depending on the opponent and level, as Flying Ridley is an easier target to hit.

*Medusa - Kid Icarus Series: Nintendo's only Big Female Villain, she has to be in, and another Kid Icarus character seems likely since Sakurai revived the series himself. Yes, I know what happens in Uprising, but she works better as a playable character imo than the true villain of Uprising.

She lacks close-range moves, but instead fights with magic by stunning and distancing herself from the foe through the use of magic like turning them into stone, or summoning snake walls to block attacks. A more technical character to master, really.

*Genesect - Pokemon Series: With PT, Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Jiggs running around, a later-Gen Pokemon is necessary to balance things out. I thought about Zoroark (didn't want another Mewtwo/Lucario-style Pokemon), N (my idea would probably not feasibly work since it involved loading multiple models), and even Meloetta, but I decided on Genesect. He's in the spotlight right now, with his own film, and as I've mentioned before I believe his Ancient Form will be involved in Gen VI. Plus, a metallic bug is badass, and he's a nice rival to Mewtwo.

He has his Techno Blaster, and can change its type before he fires, allowing him to free, burn, shock, or flush foes out of the way. His Techno Blaster is super-strong with good range, but takes awhile to charge, and he can't move around. To get around that, he can set Magnet Bombs to protect himself, and, to clear foes away so he can charge, he's got some powerful slashing moves.

*Paper Mario - Mario Series: Paper Mario has four games now, and I thought, if we have Toon Link, why not Paper Mario? Even though he's the "same" guy, there's potential to differentiate him from normal Mario.

He would use his Hammer for his normals, as opposed to punches and such, and his Specials would be various Paper skills, like turning into an airplane. And like Mr. Game and Watch, he'd be flat of course, and move like paper (light and floaty).

*Yarn Kirby - Kirby Series: Included because I thought'd it would be cute to have "Adjective" versions of Nintendo's 3 Big Mascots, and Paper Mario, Toon Link, and Yarn Kirby would make a cute trio. Sure, we've only had one Yarn Kirby game, but Epic Yarn was memorable enough I believe.

Yarn Kirby would be flat, like Paper Mario and Mr. Game and Watch, and would be able to use his various yarn skills in exchange for losing his copy ability, like using his yarn whip, and unzipping the stage and traveling and using zippers as little hooks.

Third Party Characters

*Bomberman - Konami's Bomberman Series: Bomberman's owned by Konami now (they bought Hudson), and would replace Snake as the Konami rep, having a long history on Nintendo systems.

Bomberman would fight with bombs, which while powerful, also hurt, you'd want to think carefully when dropping bombs as you can't choose when they go off. Playing with Bomberman is meant to mimic the play-style of the Bomberman arcade game which involved, naturally, laying bombs in strategic locations while simultaneously ensuring you don't blow yourself up.

*Pac-Man - Namco's Pac-Man Series: Namco is helping make Smash 4, so a Namco character getting in makes sense...and Pac-Man fits the Nintendo style.

Pac-Man is nimble and quick, with all his Specials summoning his Ghost Foes to help move has you controlling a ghost, which Pac-Man chases through the air, and another has a ghost appearing on the side of the screen and moving towards Pac-Man.

*Mega Man - Capcom's Mega Man Series: Yes, Capcom has treated Mega Man pretty horribly, but if there's any game where an appearance by him would be likely, it'd be Smash since Mega Man was treated fairly well on Nintendo consoles. Maybe Capcom has been holding Mega Man back from Marvel vs. Capcom for this?

Anyway, Classic Mega Man can slide, use Rush, and teleport, but he also has a Weapon Get System. His Neutral B is his Mega Buster and when a fully-charged slot hits a foe, Mega Man gains a projectile version of a certain one of their attacks. He can then use his Taunt to switch between Mega Buster, to acquire a new weapon, or use the Enemy Weapon (also changing up his color-scheme).


So that's 50 Characters. I dropped Samurai Goroh, N, Ghirahim, Shy Guy, Captain N, Isaac, Isa Jo, Starfy, Tin Star, Muddy Mole, Ryu, and Neku from my old roster, and added Genesect, Yarn Kirby, Tingle, Shulk, and Mallo.

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  1. Signas's Avatar
    I don't see them making Tingle playable, even as a joke character. He'll probably be in the game in some way though.
  2. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I never like the idea of changing voices for alternate costumes, for it provides a cheap way of having popular characters users want but are not physically themselves.

    Medusa is technically not a video game character, for she's still the same monster from Greek Mythology (Pit and Palutena are labeled as original as they are much different the Greek character they're based off of).

    Genesect's status as an event Pokemon would only hurt his chances of being in, since Deoxys and Darkrai, who are both event Pokemon, never made it in Brawl as playable characters despite being requested by Pokemon fans. That leaves only Iris & Axew, Scraggy/Scrafty, and Krokorok.

    Paper Mario and Yarn Kirby.... no, just no. Why doesn't anyone understand that time paradoxes in fighting games is a bad idea?! They're still canonically the same Mario and Kirby.

    Sakurai may still want to limit the number of Third Party characters to 3, and since Sonic is a main stay and Pac-Man is more likely due to Namco's involvement, so that leaves either Bomberman or Mega Man to fill in the third spot.

    No Bayonetta? Since Nintendo is publishing the sequel on the Wii U and Sakurai's visit to Platinum Games' studio, does that technically make her part of the family?

    I still want the roster to be 45-47 because of the 10 digit pattern the past three games has (64 has [B]1[/B]2 characters, Melee has [B]2[/B]5 characters, and Brawl has [B]3[/B]5 characters).
  3. Garren's Avatar
    Um, Medusa the Kid Icarus character is a video-game character...just one that's based off a mythological character. I'm not sure why that's a problem, especially as the "real" Medusa never turned into a giant with a floating, laser-beam shooting head.

    Yeah, Genesect being an Event Pokemon might be a little hurdle, but he was downloadable through WiFi right from the beginning of Black 2 and White 2 so likely everyone got him. And I'm not sure why Scraggy and Krokorok are "likely".

    And you're joking with the paradox thing, right? It's no different than Toon Link (which exists in a completely different time line than normal Link), or Dr. Mario.
  4. Leavanny Duo's Avatar
  5. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Quattro ~ Bajeena; But her name still indicates that she's the same Medusa from Greek Myth. If she had a different name, then it wouldn't be a problem. Scraggy and Krokorok are more likely due to their anime performance and being part of the main cast (same for Iris & Axew). I'm not joking about the paradox thing. I've made a blog months ago explaining how much I hate time paradoxes in multiplayer games from baby Mario characters in sports games to Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma/Oni's inclusion as separate characters in Street Fighter to Evil Cole's inclusion in PSABR (when they could've made it part of normal Cole like they did with Dark Jak and Light Jak). Toon Link gets away with it because he's canonically a different Link, unlike Paper Mario and Yarn Kirby.
  6. Orion's Avatar
    I think they should add Dunban or Mumkhar instead of Shulk. Nothing personal against the kid, I just like Dunban better. I think he and Mumkhar could be a Fox/Wolf type deal. Also, I'd much rather see Zoroark than Genesect.
  7. Kree's Avatar
    Tingle should be an assist trophy.
  8. Garren's Avatar
    @Ghetsis-Dennis; I don't see how it matters, because Medusa isn't a name that anyone owns, and Uprising made her a unique enough character that she can stand on her own.

    Medusa is a mythological figure, Kid Icarus' Medusa is a video-game character.
  9. winstein's Avatar
    You posted this on NeoGAF too, didn't you? I knew something's familiar when I saw the similar text.

    Thanks for reading.
  10. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    I really think Palutena, Dark Pit and even Magnus or Viridi have higher shots than Medusa being in. Medusa just doesn't seem that fit for a fighter, and wasn't tha tbig a chracter.

    Also you think they'll have Ike return? It's much more likely he'll be replaced by Krom, for the same logics as Lucario probably not returning.
  11. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Mijzelffan; I doubt Krom will replace Ike, because default characters never get axed in SSB (Melee's default characters made it to Brawl to prove that theory).
  12. Mijzelffan's Avatar

    That is you.
  13. Garren's Avatar
    Oh, are you on NeoGaf winstein?

    I really think Palutena, Dark Pit and even Magnus or Viridi have higher shots than Medusa being in. Medusa just doesn't seem that fit for a fighter, and wasn't tha tbig a chracter.
    But Medusa was the main villain of the original, and still played a decent role in Uprising. Plus she's a dark magician character who would be cool. I don't see how she wouldn't fit as a fighter since you actually do fight her.

    Dark Pit and Magnus are boring, to me, because the first would just be a Pit clone probably, and the latter just another swordsman.

    Palutena and Viridi would be all right, but I like Medusa since she's a villain and I wanted the roster to have a focus on villains with all the original 8, minus Yoshi, having their villains represented with Kid Icarus replacing the Yoshi series, since Pit will probably be promoted to a main role in a possible Story Mode since Sakurai worked on Uprising.

    And I think Ike will stay. Sure, he's like Lucario, but he's got an original style to him, and Krom is pretty much just Marth 2.0, so it'd suck to add him in.
  14. winstein's Avatar
    @Quattro ~ Bajeena; Nope. I lurk there, since I am not sure when am I able to get in there. I hear that your account needs to take a long time to be approved.

    Thanks for reading.
  15. Mako's Avatar
    I would very much like to see Magnus from KI: U in the next Smash Bros. At least someone from Uprising. Arlon or Amazon Pandora, perhaps?
  16. Italy-kun's Avatar
    I think this whole business assumes way too much, who's to say that these patterns will all continue?
  17. Garren's Avatar
    Well, yes, it's all just speculation.

    I didn't really go off any patterns (except a realistic roster expectation imo), rather I just through of what's new, what does Nintendo seem to wanna promote, and who I like.


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