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My 2014 Pokemon Predictions - UPDATE!

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by , 15th February 2014 at 01:40 PM (455 Views)

I made some predictions for 2014, and a few have more or less begun to happen (or didn't happen).

* Diancie and AZ's Floette will be distributed in the Summer alongside XY Movie 1. The international distributions will happen simultaneously, although the film will be released later in other countries.
Well, no sign of AZ or Floette, but I was right about Diancie (no big surprise though), and it seems based on the US XY site updating with her, she'll be released more or less worldwide possibly even if her movie isn't.

There will be at least one other international DLC event for Pokemon XY, involving the distribution of Version Exclusive Mega Stones.
Um...not quite, but CoroCoro is giving player's a chance to get the Version Exclusive Charizard Mega Stones, but that's through code. Who knows if we'll see it in other countries?

The teased Trozei sequel will drop as a 3DS Eshop game after a surprise announcement about a month or so before it's released in a Nintendo Direct, probably around the spring.
And BAM, totally got this one right. Teased in February, released about a month later in March, more or less considered "Spring".

Smash 4 will be released in late Summer 2014. Every Pokemon character including Mewtwo will return, and there will be one newcomer, Dedenne. XY's influence will be limited to PokeBall Pokemon beyond that, and consisting of mainly pre-revealed ones.
No word on Mewtwo or Dedenne, but Lucario, who many thought would be cut, is returning, so the part about "every Pokemon character returning" is looking good since I can't see them dropping Jiggs or PT. Now to just see about Mewtwo and Dedenne. And still no release date, but I'm thinking Fall 2014 now.

* TPCI and TVTokyo will work out a deal to stream official raw/subbed XY episodes the day they air for Japanese and US territories.
Well, Diamond and Pearl's dub is being streamed on Hulu, perhaps if it does well enough this might become a possibility? Time to get with the times TCPI, internet streaming is the way to go for anime.

That's it so far, besides the Trozei Prediction being spot on, everything else more or less missed. We'll see how the year goes.

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  1. Ellenflandey's Avatar
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    I imagine AZs Floette is either just null data (is that what its called? hope I worded that right) like the ??? type form for Arceus in gen 4 or its going to be distributed sometime in the future. If it is distributed sometime I would expect it to be or around October 2014 for the one year anniversary of X and Y.
  2. FireBlader15's Avatar
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    I acutally wanted Lucario to come back in Smash Bros and I was right.
    And I also wanted Toon Link and Sonic back and that happen.
    All we need is Ike and my main team is back.
  3. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    I only once made my list of predictions for Pokémon anime, and the only one I got right was that Iris would get an Emonga. XD
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Next season, someone will die!
    Well, if you count that old lady from the Espurr episode, you were also right about this.
    hakiobo likes this.
  5. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
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    Dedenne's not popular enough to be a Smash character. IDK any 6th gen Pokemon that's popular enough to be a newcomer for that matter. I do think we'll see Mega Evolutions, though, that mechanic goes hand in hand with Final Smash. So Lucario's Final Smash will probably be Mega Lucario, and if Mewtwo comes back, we'll probably get to use Mega Mewtwo as well (not sure how they would handle which one you'd get, though).
  6. Garren's Avatar
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    • permalink
    According to interviews with Sakurai, the Pokemon Company has more pull when it comes to Pokemon characters than other series (bar the 3rd Party I imagine), and they like to put in Pokemon for promotional purposes, probably why we got Lucario in Brawl.

    So, out of all the Gen Six Pokemon, I think Dedenne makes the most sense they'd want to promote, being a pre-release Pokemon, a new type, a Pikachu clone (I could see it as a Toon Link situation, a revamp of a veteran, Pichu, with its own flavor), and having a role in the show. I could see them including it in Smash to boost its popularity. Admittedly, I've taken quite a shine to it.

    Well, if you count that old lady from the Espurr episode, you were also right about this.
    I don't count flashback deaths as deaths, really.


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