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More ideas for the Italian Region FakeDex...

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by , 26th December 2013 at 02:51 PM (1339 Views)
That I've brought in in past blogs.

First off, I thought of a good name for the Region...the Shisa Region. The name is meant to bring to mind Caesar (as the Region once was super-powerful like Rome), as well as the Japanese mythological beast. I just thought it sounded like a powerful name and everything.

* Tysus (Fire/Flying) and Kiros (Fairy/Rock)

These are the Box Legendaries, my idea for the versions being Sun and Moon (with the biggest mechanic being a new free-changing Day and Night system), and are inspired by Helios and Selene, sibling Gods who pulled the Sun and Moon through the sky in Greek mythology. We haven't really had a straight up Sun and Moon Legendary yet, although we have a few who are associated with them, like Ho-Oh/Lugia being roughly linked to them, and Cresselia, who only represents the Crescent Moon.

These Legendaries would return to the Gen 1-style of Legendaries, as in they're rather simplistic and not all powerful. Mythology of the Shisa Region suggests that they are what bring the Sun and Moon around the Earth each day, due to the fact that Tysus is always seen flying through the sky during the day, and Kiros during the night, but in reality they are merely searching for one another, and actually derive their power from the Sun and Moon as opposed to the opposite. Basically, at one point there was a time when Day/Night existed simultaneously, but a climatic event cursed the two and forced them to always chase after one another. Only a Noble Hearted Trainer (you) can reunite them.

Tysus is Fire/Flying, and a Pegasus that uses the Sun's energy to create flaming wings to fly through the atmosphere. He (the two have genders) is very fast and offensive based, and people who bathe in the sunlight when he's around are said to experience good fortune.

Kiros is Fairy/Rock, a Unicorn, and uses the Moon's energy to create pathways of light it can travel upon. She's defensive-based (to make up for the fact she's Rock-typing gives it a big advantage over Tysus) and focuses on support moves, and people who bathe in the moonlight are said to experience good health.

As for the Third Legendary, you can probably guess she'll be based on the third sibling, Eos the Dawn, but beyond that I haven't thought of much except she'd actually have God-like powers, and would be the reason Helios and Kiros can never meet again.

* Gallaguiv (Dragon/Grass)

Since Fairy Pokemon are now mainstream, once more I feel there should be more "weaker" Dragon Pokemon, thus Gallaguiv, an early-game powerhouse that's fairly weak since it has rounded stats (its Base Stats are all equal) as the game progresses, but still can find its niche. It's a smaller dragon that lives inside a Watermelon-like shell, and uses the water within to heal and regenerate its body, as well as derive nutrition. It'd have quite a few "healing" powers to keep it alive, and has decent attack stats allowing it to whittle down the opponent.

* Roumato (Grass) - Tomatepes (Grass/Fire)

Tomato Pokemon with elements of vampires, they basically look like tomato-shaped bats and flutter around with their leafy wings, blinding foes with a red juice they shoot out and absorbing their body-heat by using their tail as a sucker, which is sort of creepy. Tomatepes' body is filled with super hot, flammable liquid, and is a bad boss that orders around Roumato to do its bidding. Despite being based off vampires, their Typing gives them great advantage during Sunny Day, and they focus on HP, with draining moves being their specialty...oh, and they can Explode too. They'd be Version Exclusive to Moon Version (I guess sort of ironically) with a previous Pokemon I mentioned, the Grass/Fighting Grapeling and Grapeler, being their Sun Version counterparts.

* Seear (Psychic) - Divinear (Psychic) - Hearophant (Psychic)

Weird creatures with giant "ears", they're actually deaf to normal sounds but are capable of using special psychic powers to hear sounds of super-high frequencies and vibrations, able to predict a foe's move by reading their biorhythms, or predicting natural disasters by reading the Earth's vibrations. They can also hear molecules vibrating, and the latter two have special earrings that power their abilities up, and can hear sounds from another dimension, such as beings from another parallel dimension. They're a counterpart to Alakazam, being a Trade-Evolution, and focus on Special Defense mainly. Soundproof would be one of their possible Abilities.

* Boltar (Dark/Electric) - Bolthor (Dark/Electric)

Pokemon that resemble, well, like KISS, they've got wiry hair they can manipulate, such as doing a head band to whip their hair at foes, and strum it like a guitar, building up static electricity. Bolthor even are known to play in Metal Bands. They're really rough and wild Pokemon, true to rockers, and they'd be the trademark Pokemon of the first Dark-type Gym Leader in the Shisa Region, who'd also be a Heavy Metal KISS-homage. They focus on attack, with Electric moves, sound moves, and some Steel moves, like Metal Sound. Rock on!

Here's a rough-sketch I did of Bolthor in Miiverse, the spikes on its shoulders can store electricity for later use:
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  1. Jolene's Avatar
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    I like the idea of the mascots never meeting, but Won't changing day and night at will over complicate things?
  2. Garren's Avatar
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    Maybe, but I thought it'd be neat to explore a Region with significant differences between Day and Night.

    Since it returned in Gen IV Day and Night has become increasingly irrelevant beyond simply aesthetic changes, a few moves, and evolutions. There's not even exclusive Pokemon anymore, seemingly because I guess Game Freak doesn't want to force people to adhere to an in-game schedule, and discourage time jumping as well. Well, they did give a really strict time limit for Mega Stones though...

    It wouldn't be completely at will though, borrowing an idea from the original Capsule Monsters sketches, you'd now visit hotels and take a nap to change from Day to Night and vice-versa, then you can explore the Region at your own leisure at different times and discover all the differences. And thus there'd be lots of Day/Night exclusive Pokemon, but you wouldn't have to change the clock or wait around to get them, instead it's more about discovering when each Pokemon appears.


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