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  1. I have sucessfully switched places with your Universe's Rusty Shackleford...

    Greetings from the Earth-2 version of Bulbagarden, Snivy's Conspicuous Parking Lot! In my universe, we still have yet to see R/G released in America, so I haven't gotten accustomed to Fushigidane yet (worst starter ever...and Bulbasaur? I'll never get used to the dub name!) who, in your universe, was #001. In my universe, Snivy holds that spot.

    Anyway, using the Universal Counterpart Transfer Machine, me and Rusty Shackleford have temporarily traded spaces for a few days in order ...
  2. The new B/W TCG has no Sugimori Art!

    Except for some of the trainer cards with art depicting Araragi and Cheren...although, there's a question now whether or not Sugimori drew the humans this time.

    I'm glad about this though...TCG cards with the Sugimori Art pasted against a background is so lazy, although a few of the new cards are CG models pasted against a background, but that at least looks less tacky since they match the background.

    I kind of feel this way with Yu-Gi-Oh cards too, as the cards drawn ...
  3. There's some stuff going around NeoGaf about a new Smash Brothers coming soon...


    This is interesting, because JUST LAST WEEK I dusted off Brawl for a bit, and I got to thinking again about who I'd like to see in a sequel. These are who I thought of:

    New Starting Characters
    Shy Guy- New Yoshi Series, popular villain in those games, and overall an iconic Mario villain. Also unexpected.
    Lil Mac- Punch Out! Assist Trophy in Brawl, just got a new game.
    Issac- Golden Sun. Pretty ...
  4. I was bored, so I thought about Gen VI...

    Yeah yeah, I know, it just came out, but I'm a speculation-whore. Here's some stuff I thought would be neat...

    * I think that Gen VI should be a direct sequel to Gen V. The end of B/W was left wide open, and I feel there's a lot of room to expand the plot. For one, N is still out there, as is Goetis (that's the romanization I'm using now, I like it), and thus there's potential for them to return. I also think, since Team Plasma is like an organization with a chosen king, then there ...
  5. I Review All the Fighting Types: Part 3 Gen III

    A bit more this time!

    Combusken and Blaziken

    Gulp! Well, here we are folks, the first member of the notorious Fire/Fighting combination that has plagued us for three generations now. To be fair, Fire/Fighting isn't anymore overused than, say, Water/Ice, Water/Ground, or Bug/Flying, yet the fact it is used exclusively in three different Starter families ...
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