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  1. Sega The Dream Fighters: Part 6: Sonic, Tails, and Amy's Levels

    In SEGA The Dream Fighters, every character except Mr. J has their own level. These are Sonic's, Tail's, and Amy's.

    Windy Valley - Sonic Adventure

    Stage Theme 1: Sonic Adventure: Windy Valley 3/Sonic Adventure: Tornado. It's Windy Valley 3 during clear skies, with Tornado kicking in when the tornadoes come by!

    Stage Theme 2: Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins. In this case, when the tornadoes come by, the song simply goes quiet and the wind begins to blow. ...
  2. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 5: Max's Moveset


    Debut: Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention (Genesis '92)

    The original leader of the Shining Force, Max is going into battle this time on his own (except for two of his cuter pals), but he need not worry. With unparalleled sword skills, this Warrior of Light has no issues going solo! He lacks the flashiness of the rest of the Dream Fighters, but he's ready to show the rest of the world the brilliance of ...

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  3. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 4: Ristar's Moveset


    Debut: Ristar (Genesis '95)

    It's Ristar! This rising star of the SEGA World once showed great promise with a surprisingly stellar one-hit-wonder "Ristar", but never caught on like the rest of his video-game pals. Now he's back, and with a dream...to become the SEGA Star he so rightfully deserves to be! But can he knock his main competition, Sonic, out of the sky? Well, he'll certainly ...
  4. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 3: Amy Rose's Moveset


    Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog CD (SEGA CD '93)

    Once a mere damsel-in-distress, in recent years Amy Rose has grown into a Sonic Hero of her own...and now she enters the Dream Fight alongside Sonic. Her dream? Well, to make Sonic fall in love with her. Surely beating him in a large tournament full of Sega Mascots will accomplish that goal, right? She brings a more powerful female presence to SEGA ...

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  5. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 2: The Strongest Moves

    The Strongest Moves!

    A new mechanic in SEGA The Dream Fighters are The Strongest Moves. What is a Strongest Move? It's a bit like a Final Smash...a slightly stronger special move unique to every character...but designed to be a bit more balanced, and mostly more in-line with a more traditional fighting game super move.

    First, let's talk about the Strongest Bar. Below each character's icon is the Strongest Bar, which fills up as the battle progresses. Each character's ...
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