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Ideas for Smash 4 Stages: Hall of Kings, Underworld, Bowser's Castle

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Hall of Kings

Game of Origin: The Legend of Zelda Series
Character Representing: Ganondorf
Info: Rather than drawing from a specific game (since Smash 4's version of Ganondorf would be an original design incorporating elements from Skyward Sword, such as Demise, like how Sheik had a TP-look in Brawl), Hall of Kings is based off the main hall of Hyrule Castle, particularly the versions from Twilight Princess and Link to the Past. Taking place on a stormy night, Hyrule Castle has been taken over by Ganondorf, and the hall is dim, empty, and eerily quiet...beyond the stain glass window in the background displaying a brutal thunderstorm taking place as Kagaroc circle through the air. In the background also sits the throne/curtains seen in the Main Hall of LLTP's Hyrule Castle, the throne ripped apart and stained with dark liquid that's implied to be blood.

The stage is mostly flat and grounded, but with an interesting platform...a chandelier...that mixes things up. The Stage's Intro Animation has the room appear dark, as candles on the chandelier suddenly light up, illuminating the whole room as an evil laugh is heard. Spooky!

Stage Type: Medium, Ground Stage
Stage Layout
The main stage is a completely flat, polished floor hallway that stretches from left to right. So, basically, to die, get thrown off the side or into the air.

On the left and right, slightly above the ground (a decent jump's worth), are two balconies that serve as extra platforms, and stretch from off-screen to about 1/4 towards the middle. The balconies have tiny railings on the inner-side, which means when you're standing on one, you need to slightly hop to get over the railing as opposed to walking off. You can't fall through the balconies.

The main hazard is in the air in the middle of the stage, slightly higher than the balconies, the giant Chandelier. The chandelier can't be passed through, and it is suspended by a metallic chain. You can walk through the chain, however. When you jump on the chandelier, it tilts and swings around based on the weights of characters, making it quite a dynamic platform. Furthermore, the lighting also changes as the chandelier swings and the lightning in the background make for a nice show off of Wii U's lighting capabilities. Sometimes, the chandelier will SNAP after enduring a lot of weight, and fall towards the floor, smashing into pieces and sending anyone it hits flying towards the side. When it's gone, the stage becomes quite dark, and you lose a platform...however, after awhile, a new chandelier will lower down and the stage begins again.

Hazards: The Chandelier falling is the only hazard.
Simple Mode: In Simple Mode, the Chandelier does not move, instead remaining as a stationary platform.

* Link to the Past: Hyrule Castle
* Ocarina of Time: Ganon's Tower
* Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland: Hero's Shrine


Game of Origin: Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus Series
Character Representing: Medusa
Info: Like Ice Mountain in Melee and Rumble Falls in Brawl, Underworld is the new "vertical scrolling" stage, based off the Underworld segment of the original Kid Icarus! It combines elements of all three of the basic Underworld Stages in Kid Icarus, but watch out...unlike in Kid Icarus, you won't warp to the other side if you walk off the screen! The Stage is much simpler than Rumble Falls, and doesn't speed up quickly or have one-hit kill spikes or anything like that. But baby, fear the Reaper!

The platforms/walls are 3D representations of the style of platforms in the original NES-game, whereas the background is far more detailed...drawing mainly from the Reaper Palace in Kid Icarus Uprising, and featuring tons of Underworld baddies flying around in the background. The Stage Intro begins with the camera aimed at Skyworld, as suddenly the sky grows dark and the camera zooms downward to the beginning of the stage taking place in the Underworld!

Stage Type: Vertical Scrolling Stage
Stage Layout:
Too complex to describe, but like the previous vertically scrolling stages. You've got floating platforms, areas where you're boxed in by walls briefly, and places where the ground goes up like stairs. At the top of the stage, when you reach it, the Reaper King appears and causes the platform to crumble, and everyone falls down back to the beginning of the stage...when the characters are falling, they automatically become helpless, so remember to watch out! It's a very Sisyphean concept!

Hazards: Two Kid Icarus Enemies pose hazards! First off are the Monoeyes...a few of them will occasionally fly from side of the screen to the other. If they hit you, you'll take a bit of damage. You can also knock them around into foes. They're not that worrisome.

The big hazard are Reapers! They shoot out a laser-beam that, if any character touches it, they are immediately pursued by multiple tiny Reapers as the Reaper theme begins to play. These Reapers are fast and annoying, with little knock back but constantly add damage to the character. Knock them away quickly! The Big Reaper can't be killed either, with hitting it merely stunning it and turning off the beam. The Reaper can "beam" multiple characters, so try and throw your enemies into its line of sight.
Simple Mode: Monoeyes and Reapers don't appear, making the vertical scrolling the lone hazard.

* Kid Icarus Uprising: Reaper Fortress
* Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters: Last Fortress
* Devil World: Pictobits Remix


Bowser's Castle

Game of Origin: Super Mario Brothers, Mario Series.
Character Representing: Bowser
Info: Bowser finally gets his own stage based off the classic Boss Room from Mario Brothers! Filled with lava and a breakable bridge, and even the Thwomp from Mario Kart 64, this stage has very few areas that are considered "safe", making it an all-and-out hazard-filled stage that is quite diabolical! But, it's not without touches of the background is a large portrait of Bowser, Jr, and all the Koopalings! Very cute!

The graphics of the level make it resemble the Wii U version of New Super Mario Brothers' castle levels, but even higher quality. Like with Hall of Kings, the lava is used as a powerful lighting effect showing off the Wii U's graphical capabilities...characters light up when they're closer to the lava. The Stage Intro Animation shows the outside of Bowser's castle as the main door slowly opens, zooming inside to the central room.

Stage Type: Medium, Ground Stage
Stage Layout:
The stage is wide-open, with no walls on either side or at the top, meaning you can be thrown off the screen in any direction. There's no "floor", instead there's lava, and falling into it isn't good as you'd'll be hurt badly, burned, and thrown slightly into the air. The lava isn't as fatal as the lava in, say, Brawl's Norfair, but be careful!

The central impassable platform is quite wide, in the middle of the stage, where the players start out on. It's a no-thrills platform, except for one fact...a giant Thwomp hangs above in the air the whole time. You can stand on the Thwomp, jump off the sides of it, etc. It's an extra platform, but it's quite high, so you'll need to jump off of other platforms and/or use your extra jumps to get up there. Be careful when on-top of it, though, as it's high enough that a strong jump upwards off it might kill you.

There are two "girder" platforms that are to the left and right of the main platform over the lava. The left one is placed over lava, and moves up and down the top height, it's equal to the bottom of Thwomp. And at the bottom height, it's submerged in lava. The right platform moves side to side instead, level with the bottom of the Thwomp, from about the edge of the central platform to the end of the right screen.

To the far left, all the way near the edge across lava, is a small, single impassable platform. There's nothing special about it, and it's the only "normal" platform in the stage. But it's small, and can't fit many characters, so it's a vital strategic spot.

To the right of the main platform is the infamous "bridge", which is connected to the main platform and stretches from the edge of it to the right side of the screen, where there's a small impassable platform with an axe on it. By hitting the axe hard enough, the bridge will eventually collapse, removing a platform and turn the right side into basically lava like the left.

Hazards: Lava. Don't fall into it.

The Thwomp's face will change throughout the match, turning angry, and slamming down onto the main platform, which smashes anyone under it off towards the sides of the screen. Try and keep your opponents under it when it falls!

The axe will slowly lower the more you hit it, eventually removing the bridge (it quickly falls apart, with the right side disappearing first) and leaving lava in its spot. The bridge will eventually re-appear though.

Simple Mode: Only the lava remains. Thwomp never falls on you, and the bridge never disappears. The moving platforms are stationary, with the left one at middle height, and the right one in the middle position.

* Super Mario World: Bowser's Castle
* Super Mario Galaxy 2: Road to Bowser
* Yoshi's Island: Final Boss

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  1. Owain's Avatar
    Agree on all of them. I actually built myself a Underworld stage in Brawl, just to counter the Skyworld stage. Also, spooky castle FTW.
  2. Icestar649's Avatar
    Hmm... good job on the hall of kings stage in minecraft


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