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Ideas for the "Shisa Region" Italian FakeDex

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by , 8th January 2014 at 01:37 PM (1011 Views)
Just some more ideas, up to 71 our of a planned 131 or so.

* Khipper (Bug) -> Khopper (Bug)

Humanoid grasshopper Pokemon, inspired by Kamen Rider (particularly the more monstrous, biological transformations like Shin though rather than the heroic cyborg heroes), they specialize in powerful jumps using their spring like legs and delivering powerful kicks. I declined to make them Bug/Fighting, though, since that gives extra weaknesses, but one of their Abilities would be a new one that powers up Kick-type moves so they'd make up for the lack of Fighting STAB. They also do "poses" like a Kamen Rider, although that'd be explained as them moving their arms around to increase the range of their antennas which they use to communicate with one another. They would be semi-early Bug Pokemon, slightly stronger than Butterfree and Beedrill and their ilk.

* Vibex (Ice/Fighting) -> Brrbarian (Ice/Fighting) -> Goalaf (Ice/Fighting)

Pokemon based off the Ibex Mountain Goat, as well as having elements of stereotypical vikings, they're mountainous Pokemon who are great climbers. The latter forms, in addition to the horns on their heads, also grows horns on the sides of their arms which they use like hammers in order to smash through rock and bring down avalanches to crush their foes. Brrbarian regularly battle over territory in hordes, with the Goalaf acting like Viking Kings, overseeing the battles to make sure they don't turn fatal, and peacefully meeting on occasion to resolve territorial disputes. They're mid-game Pokemon and pretty strong, with powerful physical Fighting and Ice moves.

* Curshion (Ghost) -> Bansheet (Ghost) -> Spooktress (Ghost)

Like the "Seear" line in a previous Blog, these Pokemon would be another Trade Evolution, this time the counterpart to Gengar (bar pure-Ghost), thus completing the group started by Roggenrola and Timburr in Gen V. They're "sheet ghost" that take the concept to its logical conclusion...they're, well, bed Pokemon. Curshion is a creature that lives within a pillow, Bansheet is a ghost that has a sheet cloak (think Doopliss from Paper Mario), and Spooktress is basically a living bed. They're quite cruel though as their modus operandi is tricking people into falling asleep, where they then steal the victim's soul and they never wake up. In game, they focus on defensive stats, and learn Sleep-causing moves and Dream Eater. They'd even have a new positive move though that works like Rest except for another Pokemon, so they can heal allies at a cost.

*Yoghoul (Fairy/Ghost) -> Yoghost (Fairy/Ghost)

Version Exclusive to Sun Version, and part of counterparts who are "food Pokemon", it's a slimy yogurt like creature covered in a red jell that brings to mind blood. In reality, it's ectoplasm, and inspired by the slime from Ghostbusters 2, but it's the opposite of that movie where the slime brought about negative emotion...Yoghoul is actually the friendliest Ghost Pokemon who grows off of happy emotions, and the slime it leaves causes those who come into contact with it to feel elated. Yoghost is really large, yet capable of twisting and shrinking its body, and divides its body up and jumps into the mouths of humans and Pokemon, especially those who are angry, and possesses them and using them to spread good feelings. It's a more defensive Pokemon with a lot of support moves and such to help out its friends...and even its foes.

* Snacktch (Ghost/Poison) -> Grubber (Ghost/Poison)

Version Exclusive to Moon Version, this Pokemon was inspired by that popular Pokemon YouTube dude who said we'd see a "potato chip" Pokemon in Gen VI and I was like, hell, why not? Snacktch is basically a bag of potato chips with a long, slender hand emerging from it with ugly fingernails that resemble potato chips. Very simplistic, but I was thinking the hand would move in a way that gives it a lot of character...think the Toilet Hand from Majora's Mask. It's attracted to the homes of those that eat lots of junk food and don't clean well, where it picks up crumbs off the ground. Grubber is a literal couch-potato, a fat, ugly ghost that won't leave as it uses its long hands to rummage around the house and eat everything (bar fruits and vegetables), inspired by the Preta of Buddhist/Hindu lore. They'd learn lots of "nasty" moves like Belch and Stockpile, and other annoying traits.

* Armopod (Normal/Bug) -> Acholeos (Fighting/Bug)
OR Hekoleos (Fighting/Bug)

A new branch evolution, Armopod is a tapir-looking creature covered by a bug-like exoskeleton, and posessing either one horn or two horns, which determines its evolutionary path. Acholeos and Hekoleos are quadrupedal creatures that are hybrids between large mammalian creatures and beetles...Acholeos is a Rhinoceros Beetle, Hekoleos a Stag Beetle...with elements of Gladiators. They're also named after the Greek Achilles and Trojan Hector to symbolize their rivaly as, in the past, they battled to the death in the Shisa Coliseums. Even in modern times, they still have a fierce rivalry. They both have similar stats, physical based, but with slight deviation in move-pools and Abilities, but are pretty evenly matched. They learn mainly "throwing" moves, with Acholeos having "axe and hammer" moves while Hekoleos has "sword and pincer" moves.

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